60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter using pic microcontroller

 Component List:
1x 16×2 LCD Display with Green/Blue Backlight
1x PIC16F628A Pre-programmed MCU
1x PCB
1x 18-DIP IC Socket
1x 4.000MHz Crystal
1x LM7805 5V Voltage Regulator
1x 1×16 Gold Plated Female Header (for PCB)
1x 1×16 Gold Plated Male Header (for LCD)
2x 1×2 Gold Plated Male Header (Power & Frequency Input)
1x BF199
1x 10uH Inductor (brown black black silver)
1x 10K Trimmer (103)
1x 10K 1% Metal Film Resistor
2x 470 1% Metal Film Resistor
1x 10 1% Metal Film Resistor
2x 100nF Ceramic Capacitor (104 / 100n)
2x 10pF Ceramic Capacitor (10)
  Technical Specifications:

Voltage Supply: 6V -15V
Current Consumption: ~ 80mA with LCD backlight
Frequency Input: 10Hz – 60MHz
Measurement Resolution: 10Hz

 60MHz Frequency Meter  Counter

60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter measures frequency from 10Hz to 60MHz with 10Hz resolution. It is extremely useful bench test equipment for testing and measuring frequency of oscillators, transmitters, radio receivers, function generators, crystals, etc. Counter provides exceptionally stable readings and has excellent input sensitivity thanks to onboard amplifier and TTL converter. It can be even used for measuring weak signals from crystal oscillators. With the addition of simple prescaller it is possible to measure frequency up to 1GHz or more. Counter’s measuring range has now been extended form 50MHz up to 60MHz.

LCD display is connected to PCB by 16-PIN male & female header and is easily detachable from the main board. 16-PIN Male Header must be soldered to LCD display. 16-PIN Female Header must be soldered to PCB.

Components Placement

When counter is powered “60 MHz Counter” message should be displayed on LCD display. A second after meter should be ready to measure the input frequency with “0.000000 MHz” being displayed on the display. If no text is visible adjust the LCD contract by trimming 10K trimpot counter-clockwise.

60MHz Frequency Meter  CounterFrequently Asked Questions

After assembling and powering 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter kit LCD display is blank.
Adjust LCD contrast by turning P1 trimmer counterclockwise, then turn it slowly clockwise until text is shown on LCD.

What is the display resolution of 60MHz Counter kit?
60MHz Counter kit measures input frequency with impressive 10Hz resolution.

Is it possible to use 60MHz Counter kit to measure output frequency of 88-108MHz FM Transmitter?
By adding simple MC12080 prescaler circuit pictured below in divide by 10 configuration it is possible to measure 0-600MHz frequency. Connect prescaler between 60MHz Counter’s input and transmitter’s RF Antenna output. After adding prescaler 108.55 MHz frequency will be displayed as 10.855000 MHz. By adding MC12080 prescaler circuit in divide by 20 configuration it is possible to measure frequency up to 1.2GHz.

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