PIC based wireless temperature and heartbeat read-out

Microcontroller based wireless temperature and heartbeat read out suitable for a operation in a small office/home environment . This system is suitable to operate with Visual LCD. ManyĀ individualsĀ orĀ organisationsĀ may, for various reasons,wish to use electronic surveillance technique at some time or another. This idea is to use off the shelf RF Tx/Rx modules. The weather keeps us continually occupied. Some people have even made it their profession. At home too,we like to measure all kinds of things related to our climate.That is why weather stations are available in all types and sizes.

PIC based wireless temperature and heartbeat read-out If we want to know the temperature inside and outside thenĀ purposeĀ built indoor/outdoor thermometers are available. In the past the outside sensor of these weather stations was connected with a wire, it is now fairly standard to use RF transmission for this data. The wireless transmitters units usually make use of the 315-MHz band. These modules, once a Ā rare commodity, are now widely and cheaply available. In this particular discussion, we shall be using ASK(Amplitude Shift Keying) based TX/RX pair operating at 315 MHz. The transmitter module accepts serial data at a maximum of 2400bps. They are directly interfaced to a microcontroller. At the RX end, theĀ receiverĀ microcontrollerĀ receives the signal via the RF receiver module,decodes the serial data and reproduces the original data in the temperature and Heart Beat format.

Temperature Sensor
Ā Temperature is one of the fundamental physical variables in most chemical and process control applications. Accurate and reliable measurements of the temperature is important in nearby all process control applications. Temperature sensors can be analog or digital. Some of the most commonly used analog temperature sensors are : thermocouples, resistance temperature detector ( RTD)s and thermistors. Digital sensors are in the form of integrated circuits.
PIC based wireless temperature and heartbeat read-out SchematicThe choice of a sensor depends on the accuracy, the temperature range, speed of response, thermal coupling, the environment (chemical, electrical, physical) and the cost. A popular voltage output analog integrated circuit temperature sensor is LM35DZ,manufactured by National Semiconductor. This is the 3 pin analog output sensor which provides a linear output voltage of 10 mV/degreeĀ Celsius. The temperature range is 0 to 100 degreeĀ Celsius, with an accuracy of +-1.5 degreeĀ Celsius.

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