Digital Speedometer and Odometer Circuit using PIC Microcontroller


Digital Speedometer and Odometer Circuit using PIC Microcontroller

Measuring the speed/rpm of a Vehicle or a motor has always been a fascinating project for us to try. So, in this project we are going to build one using the Industrial ready PIC microcontrollers. We will use a piece of magnet and a Hall Sensor to measure the speed. There are other ways/sensors to measure the speed but, using a hall sensor is cheap and also can be used on any type of motor/Vehicle. By doing this project we will also enhance our skills in learning PIC16F877A since the project involves the use of Interrupts and Timers. At, the end of this project you will be able to calculate the speed and distances covered by any rotating object and display them on a 16×2 LCD screen. Lets start with this Digital Speedometer and Odometer Circuit with PIC


The Simulation for this project is done using Proteus. Since the project involves moving objects it is not possible to demonstrate the complete project using simulation but the working of the LCD can be verified. Simply load the hex file to the Simulation and simulate it. You will be able to notice the LCD working as shown below.


To check of the speedometer and odometer are working I have replaced the Hall sensor with a Logic state device. During the simulation you can click on the logic state button to trigger the Interrupt and check if the speed and distance covered is getting updated as shown above.

for more detail: Digital Speedometer and Odometer Circuit using PIC Microcontroller

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