Interfacing(USB – RS232 – I2c -ISP) Projects

Photograph of the DAS along with sensor and programmer

Efficient Multichannel Data Acquisition with USB Connectivity using PIC Microcontroller

1.     INTRODUCTION With the rapid advancements in embedded technology, there is a growing demand for a data acquisition system that combines fast processing speed, compact size, low cost, and real-time data monitoring capabilities. The utilization of a microcontroller as a processor has gained popularity due to its speed, energy efficiency, affordability, and lightweight nature [1-2]. […]

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Tier Star Topology


INTRODUCTION The primary objective of this project is to execute the USB protocol and manage the reading and writing of packets of various sizes within the memory of the Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) microcontroller. Several test cases have been incorporated, which include: – Writing a single packet to the device – Reading and writing a


RS232 Infra Red Interface

RS232 – Infra-Red Interface

Description This project is a Microchip PIC microcontroller with an RS232 serial interface on one side and an Infra-Red receive and transmit interface on the other. Important – All mention of RS232 on this page actually refers to RS232 waveforms operating at 5V TTL levels not +/-12V levels which would destroy the PIC device. An

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PIC 16F917 Gyroscope interface

PIC 16F917 Gyroscope interface

In this post we will study the ADC ( Analog-to-Digital ) Module of the Microcontroller PIC16F917 . We will study a real circuit of PIC16F917 interfacing to a semiconductor Gyroscope. The Gyroscope is a motion sensor that senses tilt in a certain direction . The used sensor is a yaw rate sensor ( free sample

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