Vehicle Tracking System Through GPS-GSM Modules

Vehicle Tracking System Through GPS-GSM Modules

So you have got a GSM module lying around like me? Also a GPS-tracker?

We think the same!

In this instructables, I will try to guide you how to accomplish your goal from a newbie’s perspective.

As I had no previous electrical engineering knowledge (to be honest, the project doesn’t need that much,but nah), and had no clue how to make a device which pumps data real-time to a webserver, I encountered numerous problems. Still, I eventually managed to get things to work.

So, in this tutorial, I want to emphasise the mistakes a starter can make, and build-up the project accordingly.

Remember: Always be careful while you work with electricity!

NOTE: I am not professional. The code may be not sophisticated enough for all of your need. The project is intented to be a “hobby project”, but! it worked for me. And if it worked for me, it would work for you too!

Step 1: Prerequisites



  • Pretty tiny, easy-to-use
  • Capable of using mobile internet (GPRS)
  • Cheap


  • Also small
  • Handles its job very well

microcontroller – can be anything – you could use the famous Arduino Uno or the Nano to free up some space

Battery – I used a 18650 cell as the main, and only power source (Nominal 3.7V)

Battery holder – why? – because soldering an 18650 battery is pretty dangereous because of the heat.

DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Module 5V – Must have, since the Arduino I used needs 5V

Tools, basic stuff which can come in handy:

Wires, soldering iron, breadboard for testing

Step 2: Main Concept

Main Concept

The main concept of the system is the following:

It consists of 3 parts:

  1. A device – which have the proper GPS-Coordinates and can connect to a server remotely and send data to it
  2. A webserver – which can receive incoming data – store it – and serve other clients
  3. The platform – where we can view the coordinates – Ideally it should be now a mobile application, or a website

Source: Vehicle Tracking System Through GPS-GSM Modules

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