Sound – Audio Projects

Sound file generation

A recording studio for the PIC32

Introduction We built a miniature recording studio using the PIC32 that allows the user to record a short soundtrack, play it back, then layer on additional sounds. We chose to support sounds for three tonal instruments: piano, guitar, and bass, as well as eight unique drum sounds. The user can play a full octave on …

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Hardware Block Diagram


INTRODUCTION Our Smart Station hardware consists of a PIC32MX250 microcontroller with a 3.5mm jack for speakers, a TFT display, keypad, NeoPixel LED ring, microphone, and a host of I2C environmental sensor breakouts: i.e. accelerometer, temperature, humidity, and luminosity sensor breakouts. All of the electronics are neatly contained within a 3D printed casing. Our Smart Station …


Game Play


Introduction: We created our own version of Guitar Hero which can play any song that has a MIDI file by using our custom controller and UI. We are big fans of the original Guitar Hero game, but felt limited by its inability to only play a set of songs. We came up with the solution, Guitar …

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