PIC16f628 DS18B20 Adjustable thermometer circuit

A friend of mine and I want to share with you what I did to set the thermostat circuit. As I used the circuit temperature sensor Ds18B20. 3-digit, 7 shows the screen with dijit. Please note that the range of 0 to 99.9. When the relay circuit arranged to set value is designed to get to the bottom of the page. Set the value of 0.1 degree sensibility. Very suitable for the use of the electric heater or boiler.

PIC16f628 DS18B20 Adjustable thermometer circuitIn addition to the circuit and have the tolerance setting, maybe the temperature set below the value of the operation of the relay as soon as I added something like this to disallow. The lower limit of temperature. If it weren’t for the tolerance setting, the heater is activated and disabled too often (etc) to increase energy consumption and to relay quickly melt may cause.

I’m going to wait until the temperature value from falling after the relay runs. After the temperature reaches the set value, the relay is switched off. can be set to between 0 and 5 degrees of 0.1 degree precision.

All values are saved in the memory. They are retained in the memory of electricity will not be deleted. The circuit works as mutiplex. I mean, at least I made the circuit with active elements.

PIC16f628 DS18B20 Adjustable thermometer circuit Schematic

Set the setting is as follows:

Press the Set button while the main work of the disabled. After a brief set of post appears on the screen, set the value to the screen. The House temperature after the comma starts blinking. Use the up and down buttons the temperature is adjusted. If you hold down the up and down buttons you can switch quickly to a certain period of time.

After pressing the Set value adjustment set the next setting of the tolerance setting. In the same way there is a value in degrees between 0 and 5.0. This tolerance setting. Here we enter the value until the temperature is expected to drop. Return to the main menu after pressing the tuning work.

Circuit of the Proteus ares isis pcb diagram and source code files PicBasic: pic16f628-ds18b20-adjustable-thermometer-circuit.ZIP

Alternative File Download LINK list (in TXT format): LINKS-14126.zip

Source : PIC16f628 DS18B20 Adjustable thermometer circuit

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