PIC16F877 ISA Ethernet Web Server Project

The PIC16F877 microcontroller, prepared with activated an old ISA ethernet (3com eherl Link) Used guess PIC internet connection with an application I’m not sure circuit aim could not understand the pic programming dealing with people who can solve resource asebbely asm PCBs (eagle) control program and so on. most likely reason for not publishing files to the work of people who are interested will work.PIC16F877 ISA Ethernet Web Server Project

ISA Ethernet PICmicro Microcontroller Web Server

I have made Pic3Com construction (version 0.1) with idea to have a basement for PIC16F877 and Ethernet (with TCP/IP protocol) cooperation. I have choosen ISA NIC 3C509 (my favourite ethernet card) for this project, because ISA protocol is simple to implement in microprocessors.

inicialization of ISA 3c509 (3c509B) NIC NIC have to be configured for communication I/O=0×300 and Interrupt 10 address resolution protocol ARP internet protocol IP (support for default gateway included for Internet communication)

ping (ICMP Echo Request / Reply) TCP protocols TELNET (server and client) and HTTP (server, 2KB of PIC’s RAM are dedicated for html pages) UDP protocol daytime for synchronization of internal DS1302 RTC temperature measurement (up to 7) connected SMT 160-30 sensors (as a reply to appropriate Telnet protocol based request)PIC16F877 ISA Ethernet Web Server Project schematic

connect to aprsd stream with possibility to authorize and send data tracked from connected meteostation two switchable aprsd data output formats (TNC2 or UIView log) multilevel program run debug possibility control via RS-232 port configuration via processor’s EEPROM

Source hamradio.cz PIC16F877 Web Server Microchip assembler source code schematic pcb files alternative link pic16f877-isa-ethernet-web-server-project.rar Alternative : link2 alternative link3



For more detail: PIC16F877 ISA Ethernet Web Server Project

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