Low cost LCD module interface with optional LED backlight using PIC18F452

Here are the technical specifications:

  • LCD resolution: 128 x 64 pixels
  • LCD manufacturer: DisplayTech.
  • LCD model 1: 64128COG-FA-BC (no backlight)
  • LCD model 2: 64128G-FC-BW-3 (white LED backlight)
  • On-glass lcd controller KS0713, with 30 pins connector.
  • Very low power operation (less than 1mA @3V)
  • Fast serial interface (only 8 wires needed)
  • Molex miniature connector.
  • LCD: dimensions: 56 x 41 mm
  • PCB interface: Dimensions: 44 x 18 mm

LCD module

These two LCD modules can be bought in our online shop. You’ll need the interface described below and a PIC microcontroller to get these LCD modules running.

PIC example Source code (CCS C) , pcb layout and schematics (Eagle) available.  Last update: March 24, 2007.

PIC software example: routines

ccs routine example explanation
LCD initialization dt_lcd_init(); init parameters needed after power on
Clear screen dt_lcd_clear_screen(); resets all pixels, needed after power on
Cursor position set dt_lcd_gotoxy(0,5); goto cursur location x= 0..127 PIXEL COLUMNS // y= 0..7 CHAR. ROWS
Write text to LCD printf(dt_lcd_printchar,” DisplayTech LCD”); show simple unformatted text

Downloads: right-click & save as

Interface: Eagle PCB layout: 042 – 004.brd  – March 24, 2007.

 Interface: Eagle Schematics: 042 – 004.sch  – March 24, 2007.


 PIC CCS example: source code: 042_v01.zip for 18f452 @ 20MhZ – March 24, 2007.

 PIC CCS example:Hex file: 042_v01.hex for 18f452 @ 20MhZ – March 24, 2007.


For more detail: Low cost LCD module interface with optional LED backlight using PIC18F452




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