Microcontroller Controlled Metal Detector Projects

Result of displays in the form of two scales, which are estimated to judge the material goal.In addition, the screen is small scale level of response and the current supply voltage. PIC18F252 The program is intended for controller PIC18F252.The controller PIC16F873 (A) to this version can not be used. This is more demanding to resources controller. 252nd compatible controller on “pins” with 873 – m and can be programmed by the same programmer. The program workable only with korzinochnymi reels! R21 For this firmware needed zakorotit resistor R21 (in the old version of the scheme). In this version the appointment of buttons changed to readMicrocontroller Controlled Metal Detector Projects

PIC16F873A Metal Detector Clone PI

PIC16F873A Metal Detector ClonePI-2

ClonePI-2 is a further development of the project ClonePI). The main objectives in the design – to get discrimination metals

PIC16F873A Metal Detector ClonePI

ClonePI AVR is a so new simplistic solution pulse metal ClonePI)

# Use pic16f873a controller available from Atmel.
# Instead of using an external ADC ADC internal controller.
To get the same sensitivity as to the external ADC, is used oversampling.
# Use taktirovanie of internal RC-generator controller. Microcontroller Controlled Metal Detector Projects schematich

PIC16F873A PI Metal Detector ClonePI-W

Instead of LCD used LED display. Cut down on administration, leaving only the most necessary. Take into account some errors in previous versions.

MICRICHIP, ATMEL AVR Microcontroller Controlled Metal Detector Projects all files download: microcontroller-controlled-metal-detector-projects.RAR alternative link2 alternative link3




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