PIC Microcontroller Basics and Applications for Engineeing Students

The microcontrollers plays an essential role in the embedded industry  after the development of Intel 8051. The research in the field of embedded  industry gave high efficient, low power consumption microcontrollers. The Arm, AVR and PIC microcontrollers are the prime examples. These microcontrollers are getting smart with communication protocols such as I2C, USB, SPI,CAN and Ethernet. In the year 1998, microchip technology developed microcontrollers with new complex architecture and superior inbuilt peripherals. PIC microcontroller is based on Hardward Architecture and these microcontrollers are widely used for industrial purposes due to its high performance and low power consumption.The applications of this microcontroller mainly involves in PIC microcontroller projects.This article discusses about the PIC microcontroller projects, that are listed below.PIC Microcontroller Basics and Applications for Engineeing Students

PIC Microcontroller Projects

PIC microcontroller gives a fantastic way of making projects. This microcontroller is a processor with built in memory & RAM, these are used to control the projects. PIC microcontroller has various useful built in modules like timers, EEPROM, UART and analog comparators.Even with just these four modules we can build many PIC microcontroller projects.

PIC Microcontroller based Solar Photovoltaic Power Measuring

The main goal of this project is to measure solar cell parameters through various sensor data acquisition. This project uses a solar panel that always monitors the sunlight, and the different parameters of the solar panel like current, voltage, temperature and light intensity are monitored  using a PIC microcontroller. The light intensity is measured using an LDR sensor. Similarly, the current by current sensor, voltage by voltage divider principle and the temperature by temperature sensor. All these data are displayed on the LCD display, which is interfaced to the PIC microcontroller.

Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights using PIC Microcontroller

The main aim of this project is designed to control the auto intensity of street lights. This project uses LEDs  in the street lighting system, because LEDs consumes less power as compared to the conventional HID lamps.The PIC16F8 microcontroller is used to control the light intensity by developing PWM signals that makes a MOSFET to switch the LEDs to achieve the desired operation.A bunch of LEDs are used to form a street light. The PIC microcontroller contains programmable instructions to control the light intensity based on PWM signals generated. The intensity of the lights are kept high during the peak hours, as the traffic on the roads tend to decrease slowly in the late nights, the light intensity will decreases progressively till morning.Finally, it shuts down at morning and again continues at evening.

PIC Microcontroller based Medication Reminder

The main intention of this project is to design a medication reminder using PIC microcontroller. This project helps to remind a patient to take medicine at the arranged time and also displays the name of the medicine. This project is very helpful for old people and also who are very busy. A patient can store the particular time of a medicine through a matrix keypad. Based on the clock interfaced to the microcontroller, the programmed time for the medicine is displayed on the LCD. A buzzer is used to give an alert to the patient to take the medicine.

Pre Stampede Monitoring and Alarm System using PIC Microcontroller

The main goal of this project is to design a pre warning system to avoid stampede in places where a large crowd of people takes place. This proposed system warns in advance to authorities about the gathering of people in a particular place before any stampede occurs. This project uses a large number of pressure switches that are interfaced to a PIC microcontroller. When a certain number of switches are pressed, then the microcntroller generates an o/p to switch on a buzzer to give an alert to the authorities about a possible stampede.The status is also displayed on the LCD display.PIC Microcontroller Basics and Applications for Engineeing Students schematich

RFID Based Device Control and Authentication using PIC Microcontroller

This project is used to provide security in an organization by letting only the authorized person to access the secure area. This project uses RFID technology that contains an IC, used for processing and storing information and modulating and demodulating the RF frequency signal which is being transmitted. Once the person shows the RFID tag to the card reader, it scans the information stored in the tag and compares it with the data stored in the system. When the data matches with that in the microcontroller, the load will be turned ON  which is driven by a relay and it displays a message and ldquo;”AUTHORIZED” and rdquo; else states “UNAUTHORIZED” and doesn’t allow access.



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