PIC microcontroller Beginner’s guide: Basic connection circuit

What is a pic microcontroller? The PIC microcontroller is a low cost ‘computers on a chip’ manufactured by Microchip. They allow electronic designers and hobbyists impart intelligence and logic to a single chip for special purpose applications and products. The PIC microcontroller programming is done using the popular software ‘Mikro C’. This powerful yet easy to program into a 40-pin package is upwards compatible with the PIC16C5X, PIC12CXXX and PIC16C7X devices.
PIC microcontroller Beginner’s guide Basic connection circuit
 How to program microcontroller? Which is the program for microcontroller? These are the commonly asked questions by microcontroller beginners. Here we are going to explore the world of microcontroller, microcontroller programming and embedded systems with PIC16F877A. It is has five ports- port A, port B, port C, port D and port E.
An embedded system design is easy with the help of embedded C programming. Let’s start studying about microcontroller and embedded C programming for microcontroller PIC using Mikro C Pro. This article deals with the basic connection diagram and a LED blinking program of PIC microcontroller.

Why PIC is used/ Why PIC is Popular?

  • High speed
  • High performance RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) CPU
  • Instruction Set simplicity
  • Integration of operation features
  • Programmable timer options
  • Interrupt control
  • EPROM/OTP/ROM options
  • Inbuilt modules
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operation voltage range: 2.5 to 6 volt
  • Programmable code protection mode
  • Power saving sleep mode

PIC microcontroller Beginner’s guide Basic connection circuit schematicPIC16F877A Features

  • High performance CPU
  • Only 35 instructions
  • All are single cycle instruction excluding for program branches.
  • Operating speed is DC to 20 MHz.
  • 8Kx14 word of flash memory
  • 368×8 bytes of data memory
  • 256×8 bytes of EEPROM data memory
  • Interrupt compatibility
  • Power on reset
  • Power up timer and oscillator start up timer
  • Watch dog timer with its own chip RC oscillator for reliable operation
  • Programmable code protection power saving SLEEP mode
  • Low power, high speed CMOS FLASH/EEPROM technology

For more detail: PIC microcontroller Beginner’s guide: Basic connection circuit

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