Temperature Indicator using PIC microcontroller

Hi friends, today we will see how to make temperature indicator using PIC microcontroller. The basic aim of this project is make you familiar with PIC microcontroller. It also explains how LM35 and 7 segment displays can be interfaced with PIC microcontroller.

Components required:

Following is a list of components required for temperature indicator using PIC microcontroller – mini project:
Temperature Indicator using PIC microcontroller

  • PIC microcontroller (PIC16F676)
  • 4 digit (or 3digit) seven segment display (Common cathode)
  • Temperature sensor (LM35) IC
  • 5V DC power supply

Circuit diagram:

Following figure shows circuit diagram of temperature indicator using PIC microcontroller.


In this mini project we have used PIC microcontroller and a four digit seven segment display is interfaced with it. For sensing the surrounding temperature we have used a temperature sensing IC i.e. LM35. You can use a voltmeter to crosscheck whether the indictor giving correct output or not. The output of the temperature in terms of volts will be in the range of mV.

Temperature Indicator using PIC microcontroller SchematicWorking of LM35:

LM35 is an integrated temperature sensor. It produces output voltage proportional to the temperature. The advantage of using LM35 is that it does not require any external calibration technique and it has accuracy of ±0.4 degree Celsius at room temperature. It draws only 60µA from supply and possesses low self heating. Thus the chances of error get minimized.


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