Computer controlled infrared transmitter based on PIC


This is a programmable infrared (remote control) transmitter, which can be controlled from a computer serial port. It is capable of sending many remote control formats, including the Philips RC-5 standard. Exact formats with the timing parameter names are shown on the pictures:


The controller will accept commands on a serial port. Settings are: 19200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stopbit, no flow control (XON/XOFF or RTS/CTS). Commands consist of hex coded bytes and must be written on the port as ASCII characters separated by space, terminated by ENTER (ASCII char 0x0d). The list of commands is here:Computer controlled infrared transmitter based on PIC

command parameters and description
SETSTATE set IR mod output state
Setting the mod output HIGH for a long time can result in blowing the IR transmitter LED out!
54 <state>
SETPARAMS set coding parameters (first format for SENDPDM, second for SENDRC5)
55 <ir_T> <head_h> <head_l> <bit0_h> <bit0_l> <bit1_h> <bit1_l> <tail_h> <tail_l>
55 <ir_T> <skipbits> <togglebits> <firstbyte> <rc5tail>
SETPWM set PWM parameters
modify PWM modulation. PWM period time = pwm_T * 1 usecs, PWM duty cycle = dc_T * 0.25 usecs
58 <pwm_T> <dc_T>
SENDPDM send ir command
header pulse high for T*head_h, low for T*head_l (see transmission format, picture)
data bytes transmitted as: bit#0 bit#1 bit#2 bit#3 bit#4 bit#5 bit#6 bit#7 (see DATA format, picture)
tail bit is high for T*tail_h, bit0 is high for T*bit0_h, low for T*bit0_1,bit1 is high for T*bit1_h, low for T*bit1_l
56 <byte> [byte] [byte] …
SENDRC5 send ir command
transmit (16-skipbits) bits: lower (8-skipbits) bits from <firstbyte> then 8 bits from <secondbyte>. The first byte is defined in the SETPARAMS command, second byte is given as parameter
data bytes are transmitted as: bit#7 bit#6 bit#5 bit#4 bit#3 bit#2 bit#1 bit#0
bit0 is high for T, low for T, bit1 is low for T, high for T (see transmission format, picture)
The bit(s) of <firstbyte> defined in <togglebits> are toggled after the completition of this command.Each <secondbyte> parameter given in this command will transmit a count of (16-skipbits) bits, without updating the toggle bit. The recommended use is to give the same <secondbyte> parameter multiple times to repeat the same code. This is the behaviour when a remote control button is held. The toggle bit is only updated when the command is finished. To send multiple IR codes, issue multiple SENDRC5 commands.
57 <second byte> [second byte] …

ir_T is given in 10 usecs, all other timing values are given in ir_T steps

You can use a terminal emulator program to test out the circuit (for example minicom on linux, NC terminal on DOS, or hyperterminal on windows). Line editing is not supported, only the backspace key works.

source code

Download source code and the HEX file here. The default modulation frequency is defined in the source: pwm_freq EQU d'36000' – adjust it as required. The default PWM duty cycle is 50%.


line sent explanation
55 38 10 8 1 1 1 3 1 1 SETPARAMS ir_T=0x38=56d head_H=0x10=16d head_L=8 bit0_H=1 bit0_L=1 bit1_H=1 bit1_L=3 tail_H=1 tail_L=1
This command will set these PDM parameters: T=56*10=560 usec, header pulse=16T, header gap=8T. bit0 pulse=1T, bit0 gap=1T, bit1 pulse=1T, bit1 gap=3T, tail pulse=1T
56 31 ce 01 fe SENDPDM 0x31 0xce 0x01 0xfe
This command will transmit a header, 32 data bits given as parameter and a tail pulse as seen:

Computer controlled infrared transmitter based on PIC schematic

55 59 2 8 f8 65 SETPARAMS ir_T=0x59=89d skipbits=2 togglebits=8 firstbyte=0xf8 rc5tail=0x65=101d
This command will set these RC5 parameters: T=89*10=890 usec, skipbits=2 (16-2=14 bits IR code sent), firstbyte=0xf8, tail gap=101T=89.89 msec
58 1c 1c SETPWM pwm_T=0x1c=28d dc_T=0x1c=28d
This command will set PWM modulation to period time = 28 usecs (f = 35714 Hz), duty cycle = 28 * 0.25 usecs = 7 usecs = 25%
57 c SENDRC5 0x0c
This command will transmit a total of (16-skipbits)=14 bits. The first 6 bits are from firstbyte bit#5-#0: 1 1 0 0 0 0. Second 8 bits are <secondbyte>=0x0c: 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0


57 c SENDRC5 0x0c
Repeating a SENDRC5 command will transmit an IR command with the toggle bit(s) updated. bit#3 from firstbyte is toggled from 0 to 1: 1 1 1 0 0 0. Second 8 bits: 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0




For more detail: Computer controlled infrared transmitter based on PIC

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