Wireless Home Appliance Controller Project

In this post we discuss about Microcontroller based Wireless Home Appliance Controller Project.You can Control Any Home Appliance Like Tv ,Radio Fan,Bulbs Using This Project.

Mainly we use Mikro C Programming Language in this Project and ISIS Proteus Software use for testing Purposes.

Wireless Home Appliance Controller ProjectMikro C Programming Language Full Software here..
ISIS Proteus Full Software here..

Mainly we use PIC16F877a Microcontroller IC.Also use 4 Key Wirelss RF Remort and receiver module for Wireless transmisssion.You can use 432MHz or any Transmitter and Receiver for this project.I use 4 key modeule.

Wireless Home Appliance Controller Project SchematicRf Transmitter /receiver Module

Important Links

1) PIC16F877A Data Sheet Download

This Project Succesfully Tested in Real Hardware and Work very well.


For more detail: Wireless Home Appliance Controller Project

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