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We have all been in a situation where we didn’t have access to the internet and to pass time we started playing the Google Dino game. However, the game tends to get a little monotonous with all the key presses and the biggest fear is that if we regain the internet connection, we might lose the progress, especially if we are about to beat a high score. Therefore, for our final project, we wanted to create our own version of the Dino game using the PIC32 microcontroller and the TFT screen which can be controlled with our voice. That way, we could play the game any time we wanted without the fear of losing progress by regaining the internet connection.

High Level Design

The game begins with a start screen with very minimal text saying Press Start!. Once the start button is pressed, the screen updates and the game starts. The game is fairly straightforward with a dino player running. The main task of the game is to keep jumping over obstacles (cactii) and not die. As long as the player is alive, the game keeps on running and generating newer obstacles.

In order to control the dino, the user can use the Jump button which updates the y-velocity of the dino and makes it jump. Once the dino has jumped, the gravity acts on it and its velocity changes each frame. Once the diono hits the ground again, the velocity is reset to 0. Whistling into the microphone can also make the dino jump. Once the dino passes an obstacle, the score is incremented.

If the player fails to make the dino jump and it hits an obstacle, the dino dies and the game over screen is displayed along with the score and high score. In order to start the game again, the user needs to press the Restart button on the GUI.

The basic flow diagram of the system is shown below. Note: There is an additional ISR which is not a part of the flow diagram but is a part of the main program.

The Flowchart of the Game

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