8×8 LED matrix using PIC16F690 microcontroller

8×8 LED matrix

This instructable will show you how to make a 8×8 LED matrix in witch you can control evry single LED and create your own patterns as long as they only need 64 pixels to show them in one color.Update 25.09.10
LED matrix
I’ve added a pattern generator to create patterns but not all of it’s features are complete


Materials you need:
-8x8LED matris (can make one but i bought mine)
-16x120Ohm resistors
-8xNPN transistors (I used C547B)
-prototype board (or you can make pcb for this)
-5V power supply (you can use a voltige regulator but I just power mine from a usb port)Tools:
-PIC programmers (all the pic programmers from microchip exept for pickit1 will work)
-Software- MPLAB (free software from microchip)
-Soldering iron
-A vacum pump for removing solder is good to have
-wire cuttersSkills you need:
-soldering skill (being capable of making good solder connections within 5-10 sec.)
-Logic thinking to some levelIf this is your first experiense using microcontrollers I recommend that you start with a more simple project.

The circuit

This is the circuit schematic.NOTE that you will need to look at the datasheet of your led matrix (if you bought one) or know how to connect the matrix you made

Schematic LED matrix

Step 3: The code.

The code is written in assembly.This code is based on the code from http://www.instructables.com/id/3x3x3-LED-Cube/ but you can not use the genorator that he supplys sense it only has 27 diodes and is has “layer1 layer2 layer3” insted of “line1….” and also has only got 3×8 bit numbers while have 8×8 bit numbers
NOTE the letters in this code may display in reverse sense I accidentally reversed the ground in my display.

Step 4: Editing patterns displayed.

You can add and remove patterns as you like in this matrix.
to add a pattern  simply generate the pattern with the generator that is included in this step….
It is a .rar file so use winrar to unzip it.And yet agin I want to thank portreathbeach for having the source code of the genorator in his document about the www.instructables.com/id/3x3x3-LED-Cube/to make a moving design you can few steps to the subroutine and it will be like this.

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