Microchip PIC Serial Port Programmer

About the Programmer

This is a Simple com port based Microchip PIC microcontroller Programmer,This Programmer is based on JDM programmer.The entire programmer is built around commonly available components

Microchip PIC Serial Port Programmer Features

  • Does not support the usb to serial converter.
  • Works with most of PIC mcu.
  • Works with 18F2550 and other 18F series mcu.

Connections to the Target MCU

you can programe may microcontroller  by using this schematic , all you need to do is that find out the data sheet of that mcu you want to program and check the pin configration. and the look for   PIN PGC(clock)  PGD(data)  Vpp(/MCLR)  and the power Vss And Vdd like shown in the image blow.

Winpic 800:The Programming software        

To be able to send hex file from your computer to PIC microcontroller you will need to download and install Windpic 800. After the installation, the first thing you will need to do is configure Winpic to work with our PIC Programmer. To do this go to “Setting” menu and select “Harware setting”. The following window will be shown and highlighted areas show you exactly which options should be selected.

Now Just connect you programmer circuit to the com port Click on hardware test button in the tool bar, if hardware test is okey then click on just right side button ‘detect device’ as soon as your devide is detected.
Microchip PIC Serial Port Programmer Schematic.jpgnow you are all set to open you hex file and load in to the mcu. to start programming  press the Program all Button in the tool bar. wait for a while to finish the programming.when the programming is going on the led must be glowing.


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