Password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic Microcontroller

In today’s world implementation of any expert system with maximum data and networking security becomes a real necessity in home, academic organizations as well as in industrial communities. To provide this security here I give my project on “password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic microcontroller”.

Project Objective:

The proposed system is a chamber, which is closed by a sliding door. A Keypad is situated in front of the door, will receive the 4 digit combination of number samples If  password is matched which matched by microcontroller then allows the motor which is drive to open/close the door of the system, will operate the systems. If anyone attempt three time wrong password then system will disable and it will send alert massage to predetermined Mobile Number that “ Some unauthorized parson try to enter the room”.

Password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic Microcontroller

To complete my project password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic microcontroller, I used

1>     Keypad.

2>     Microcontroller PIC16F877

3>     DC Motor

4>     Threated pulley ( To drive the open/close of sliding door)

5>     Threated Belt

6>     GSM Module

7>     SIM Card

 Now question is how to complete this project?

To complete this project you need to divide the  project in small parts

1)      LCD inter facing with PIC 16f877 for that see my previous post at  Displaying text on LCD by interfaced with PIC16F877 microcontroller in 4 bit mode

2)      Keypad interfacing and number scanning for that see my previous post at Keypad scanning and interfacing with PIC16f877 microcontroller

3)      Sending SMS by GSM module and Pic  microcontroller for that see my previous post at Interfacing GSM module with PIC Microcontroller

4)      Implementing logic to password matching

Project Description:

In my project I use a DC motor which is attach with a sliding door and feed drive to Open/Close the door be pulley belt mechanism. And for taking password I interface keypad with microcontroller PIC16F877 and set password “1234” to open the door. If someone put password 1234 then motor will rotate clock-wise and door will open and after waiting some delay motor will rotate anti clock wise and door will close. If someone put three times wrong password then he see the massage “Unauthorized” on LCD. In the same time a text massage send to administrator mobile number and the whole system will disable until administrator reset it.


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