Simple 3 Resistor PIC Programmer

Micro-controllers play a very important role in electronics, as they are able to perform tasks in automation, control, image processing, among others. Their usage is immense. There are various families of micro-controllers, one of those is the Microchip’s PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller). PICs are very popular as they are relatively cheap and because of their characteristics, for example their low power consumption, internal oscillator and free development tools.
Simple 3 Resistor PIC Programmer
This is an example of a very simple 40 pins PIC programmer, it only needs 3 resistors:

Step 1: Schematic

As shown above, there are only three 4,7k resistors connected between the DB9 connector and the PIC. According to the schematic, these resistors are connected to the following pins of the PIC: MCLR (1), PGC (39) and PGD (40). The pin no.8 from the DB9 connector is connected to the PGD pin (40) in the PIC.
For more detail: Simple 3 Resistor PIC Programmer

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