Microcontrollers: Fundamentals and Applications

Overview Various types of computers are tailored to specific functions. The computer inside your laptop, for instance, serves different purposes compared to the ones found in your phone or mouse. At the most basic level, there are computers designed to manage input from the physical world and regulate output devices. These are commonly referred to […]

Wiring the HD44780

Interfacing PIC18F4520 microcontroller with an HD44780 LCD

Introduction Being able to display data from a microcontroller visually has many advantages. It allows for menus, status indicators, and instructions to be intuitively shown to users. When paired with an LCD, a microcontroller becomes a powerful tool for building interactive electronic devices and systems. One excellent combination is interfacing an HD44780 LCD with PIC18F4520 […]

Microcontroller System

Advanced Voltage Monitoring and Protection via Microcontrollers and Proteus VSM

ABSTRACT This project designed an embedded system using a microcontroller to monitor the amplitude of the main voltage supply and disconnect it if it increases or decreases outside of a predefined required voltage range (RVR). The system also aims to automatically reconnect the supply once the voltage returns to the RVR. This protective functionality is […]

Ultra Low Power Microcontroller Standby Current to 130uA with OPEnS Power Control Board

Ultra-Low Power: Microcontroller Standby Current to 130uA with OPEnS Power Control Board

At the OPEnS Lab, a key focus for our projects is achieving exceptionally long battery life. This was particularly true for the OPEnSampler, a device that presented a unique challenge due to its need for simultaneous operation at three different voltage levels (3.3V, 5V, and 12V). While existing circuits using MOSFETs could manipulate power sources […]

PIC Microcontroller Architecture

Navigating the Components of PIC Microcontroller Architecture

The Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC), developed by Microchip, stands out among microcontrollers for its speed and ease of implementation compared to alternatives like the 8051. Its programming simplicity and seamless interfacing with other peripherals have contributed to its success. A microcontroller, an integrated chip comprising RAM, ROM, CPU, timers, counters, etc., PIC shares these features […]

Microcontroller Based Fluid Level Control System.

PIC Microcontroller Projects in C: Basic to Advanced – A Project Deep Dive

Building Skills Through Projects This project’s strength lies in its project-based approach. Learning by doing is a powerful technique, especially in the realm of embedded systems. By working on progressively complex projects, learners can solidify their theoretical understanding of PIC microcontrollers and C programming. Here’s a breakdown of the potential skill development: PIC Microcontroller Architecture:Β Understanding […]

Philips P89C664 PLCC package microcontroller

An Application-Driven Microcontroller Curriculum

Understanding how to apply microcontrollers lies at the core of modern embedded systems education. This student project takes an experiential approach to introducing microcontrollers through hands-on projects exemplifying their diverse real-world applications. Such practical, solutions-focused learning helps cement fundamental concepts while imbuing students with skills coveted by industry. Overall, this project serves as an excellent […]

Sensor interface

Exploring Various Applications of Microcontrollers: A World of Tiny Brains

Exploring Various Applications of Micro Controller Microcontrollers have become ubiquitous in the modern world with applications in nearly every industry. This student project aims to demonstrate various real-world applications of microcontrollers to showcase their versatility and importance across different domains. Exploring the functionality of microcontrollers in distinct contexts provides valuable learning for students as they […]

Easy Way to Learn Robotics Using Microcontrollers A Beginner's Guide

Easy Way to Learn Robotics Using Microcontrollers: A Beginner’s Guide

The title, “Easy Way to Learn Robotics Using Microcontrollers,” promises an accessible entry point for those curious about the exciting world of robotics. This commentary delves into the potential of this project, exploring its strengths, considerations for improvement, and resources to enhance the learning experience. Strengths of the Project Focus on Microcontrollers: Microcontrollers are the […]

Calculator Algorithm Part 01

Mastering Microcontroller Programming: From Basics to Advanced Techniques

ABSTRACT A microcontroller, comprising a CPU, RAM, ROM, and I/O ports, is a compact computer integrated into a single circuit board. Its significance in various aspects of daily life cannot be overstated. Unlike general-purpose computers, microcontrollers are specifically designed to carry out predefined tasks or run single applications. They are integral components in a plethora […]