Photo of the fabricated MPICds

Building Blocks for Success: A Structured Framework for Microchip PIC Microcontroller Applications

Abstract This paper introduces a framework designed for creating applications centered around a Microchip PIC microcontroller (ΞΌC). Comprising both hardware and software tools, this framework facilitates the development and transfer of program code from a personal computer to the microcontroller, as well as the evaluation of its performance on rapid prototyping hardware. The initial section […]

Room temperature monitoring

Automated Room Temperature Monitoring System using Microcontrollers

Abstract Monitoring the temperature within a computer server room stands as a crucial responsibility to uphold the server’s performance amidst potential disruptions caused by elevated room temperatures. This study details the development and implementation of a room temperature monitoring system based on a microcontroller. Utilizing the Atmel ATmega8535 microcontroller in conjunction with National Semiconductor’s LM35 […]

DC motor Drive module

Enhancing Microcontroller Programming Skills through Multi-Module 8051 Microcontroller Boards

ABSTRACT In contemporary embedded systems, the microcontroller assumes a pivotal role. Mastery of microcontroller programming has become indispensable not only for engineering disciplines but also for various other fields such as computer science, electronics, and physics. Practical laboratory sessions have proven to be an effective method for students to grasp the intricacies of microcontroller operation […]

Thermoelectric module in generator mode

Efficient Power Generation with Microcontroller-Controlled Thermoelectric Generators

INTRODUCTION The global demand for electrical energy continues to rise steadily, necessitating a shift towards renewable energy sources as traditional fossil fuels like petroleum and coal become increasingly scarce and contribute to environmental pollution. Consequently, there has been a surge in research focused on harnessing electrical energy from thermoelectric modules. One such study delves into […]

Photograph of the DAS along with sensor and programmer

Efficient Multichannel Data Acquisition with USB Connectivity using PIC Microcontroller

1.Β Β Β Β  INTRODUCTION With the rapid advancements in embedded technology, there is a growing demand for a data acquisition system that combines fast processing speed, compact size, low cost, and real-time data monitoring capabilities. The utilization of a microcontroller as a processor has gained popularity due to its speed, energy efficiency, affordability, and lightweight nature [1-2]. […]

Mastering the Basics Programming a PIC Microcontroller

Mastering the Basics: Programming a PIC Microcontroller

One lesson I’ve gleaned from parenthood is the formidable challenge of imparting knowledge to a child. Despite their keen interest and ample time and resources at hand, if a child isn’t prepared or lacks essential foundational elements, grasping a skill or lesson can prove elusive. Fortunately, programming a PIC microcontroller unit (MCU) presents a significantly […]

Block Diagram 2

Innovative Robotics: A Comprehensive Project Exploration

A DC motor functions as an electromechanical device, translating electrical signals into mechanical movements. The rotation of the motor correlates directly with the applied input pulses, with the sequence of pulses determining the direction of the motor shaft’s rotation. The speed of rotation is directly linked to the frequency of input pulses, while the length […]

Functional block diagram of the voltage controller

Microcontroller-Driven AC Voltage Control with Soft Start Feature

1. INTRODUCTION PWM-based AC voltage controllers find extensive application in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and high-power flexible AC transmission systems. This variable voltage output serves various purposes, including dimming street lights, adjusting heating temperatures in homes and industries, controlling the speed of fans and winding machines, and numerous other applications. These systems require switching elements […]

PCB board

PIC Microcontroller-Based IC Tester for Efficient Integrated Circuit Verification

1. INTRODUCTION Within the electronics industry[1], as circuit complexity undergoes a drastic increase and the demand for higher reliability rises, a significant factor contributing to overall costs is the expense incurred during testing. Traditionally, distinct hardware circuits are required for testing different integrated circuits (ICs). Whether testing logic gates, flip-flops, or shift registers, each type […]

Functional Block Diagram of the Process

Innovative Approaches to Control System Design for 100KV Impulse Generators

1. INTRODUCTION An impulse generator is an electrical device designed to generate short-duration surges of high voltage or high current. Impulse signals are characterized by their very high magnitude and extremely brief duration. These impulses are typically utilized for insulation testing by passing them through a transformer. The process of generating impulse voltage involves two […]