Single-Axis PIC Controlled Solar Tracker DIY Kit

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I’m not going into as much depth with this instructable due to my current time constraints.  That said, I fully plan on updating this instructable as time progresses with new algorithms and programs for optimization.
Single-Axis PIC Controlled Solar Tracker DIY Kit
I was messing around with some new stepper motors one day, and I decided to make a light tracker unit.  It is very simple and works on only one axis.  It is a neat science project.  Below is a video that offers a small demonstration.  The following pages will have videos on how to put it together.  There is a lot of discussion about how this kit works in the videos, so if you are really interested, then pay careful attention to what I say in the videos.  Below is video#1.
Single-Axis PIC Controlled Solar Tracker DIY Kit Schemetic
NOTE:  While I do sell this as a kit, you can use the ideas and algorithms talked about in this instructable/video to improve upon this basic design.  It was designed as a fun little science project.  I will be adding software and improvements as time progresses  so please be patient with me =)

For more detail: Single-Axis PIC Controlled Solar Tracker DIY Kit

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