Multifunction RGB LED controller using PIC12F675

multifunction RGB  LED  controller  using low cost PIC12F675 microcontroller.

1, 4+1 mode operation   a single potentiometer  and single button switch used for  multiple operation
2, EEPROM Memory option for mode selection :- the  last mode will be saved .

Multifunction RGB LED controller using PIC12F675
3, mode1  automatic hue saturation RGB LED light  color pattern – potentiometer  used for the vary the  color variation speed.
4, mode2 Manually select a color from hue saturation color chart using pot.
5, mode3 Temperature Indicator   blue color represent low temperature and  red color for highest temperature
6, mode4  White light   potentiometer used for vary  light brightness
7, mode5   OFF    potentiometer operation  is   disabled

Step 1: Circuit diagram

Step 2: Components list

components list

1,  PIC12F675 and 8 pin base
2,  BD139 – 3
3,1uf capacitor
4, 330E – 3
5, 470E 1a


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