Unlike other applications that attempt PIC18F2550 development board “USB bootloader” option for the project for which you want to apply with the PIC18F2550 keep a circuit will provide great convenience for. PIC18F2550 Application Board… Electronics Projects, PIC18F2550 Development Board Circut USB Bootloader PCB “pic development board, pic18f2550 projects, ”


Unlike other applications that attempt PIC18F2550 development board “USB bootloader” option for the project for which you want to apply with the PIC18F2550 keep a circuit will provide great convenience for.



Hardware; PIC 18f2550 I/SP microcontroller., 24Cxx EEPROM (I2c communication with), 20 MHz crystal., 6-15V power supply input., 5V 1A regulated output., USB support., ICSP programming, Pin header I/O terminal system

General features and usage

1-USB: USB support is the most important feature of self PIC 18f2550 aygün surgical instruments carried out. In this way, you can have a quick communication with your computer via USB.

2-24Cxx EEPROM with I2c serial communication protocol, communicate with each other on the card: an eeprom.

3-ICSP programmer with ICSP support from microdenetleyicinizi over a: removing the card on the program.

4-5V regulated: regulate the IC Card on the 7805 5v supply is provided through microdenetleyicinizin.

5-ICSP-jumpers J1 and J2 I/O with B6 and B7: ports on demand for ICSP programming or I/O port allows you the choice of using.

6-LVP: J3 jumper is inserted ICSP programming with low voltage mode programming. (Supports Low voltage programming for programmers.)

7-I2c – I/O: J4 and J5 jumpers B0 and B1 ports on demand through the I2c communication is the use of the eeprom or I/O port allows you the choice of using.

8-USB-I/O: J6 and J7 thanks to C4 and C5 ports on demand USB communication jumpers or the ability to use selection as I port.

9. Power Led: indicates whether the + 5v supply.

10-Reset: old Microdenetliyicinin foot pulls MCLR pulls back. Reset the reset is activated from the program.

11-Power Out Terminal: terminal 4 output. One of these 2 GND (negative), and others;

+ V is the same as the voltage is entered into clips on the card:.
+ 5V output voltage circuit is: (max. 1A)

12-Port I/O Terminal: terminal system in all ports with active Mikrodenetliyicinin pinheader is available.




On-board supply and the I / O terminals to the top pcb mounting system is designed as a pinhead, according to the template established on their drawings printed circuit boards or perforated plate circuits that can operate easily.

author: Cenk Cemil UNUR [email protected] – Bootloader PIC18F2550 Circuit of the proteus isis, ares files and microchip software: pic18f2550-development-board-circut-usb-bootloader-pcb.ZIP

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