Voltmeter Ammeter Kit

Voltmeter Ammeter is a great kit to measure voltage and current at the same time. It measures 0-70V or 0-500V voltage with 100mV resolution and current from 0 to 10A. It’s a perfect addition to any power supply, battery chargers and other electronic projects where voltage and current must be monitored. Kit uses PIC16F876A microcontroller with built-in ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) to sample voltage with current and display it on 16 x 2 backlighted LCD display. It comes with all the parts required to build high quality kit, including double-sided PCB with beautiful red solder mask and plated through holes. With slight modification it is possible to measure higher voltage and current. Voltmeter Ammeter KitTo measure voltage that is higher than 70 Volts simply replace R3 6.8K resistor with included 1K resistor. This will allow to measure up to 500 Volts. To measure current that is higher than 10A simply replace 0.1 Ohm 5W power resistor with higher wattage resistor. For example 20W 0.1 Ohm resistor will allow to measure up to 20 Amps. Kit can also measure AC voltage if rectifier bridge is added to voltage input as well as measure and be supplied by the same power source.


  Voltage Supply: 6 – 30V
  Current Consumption: 30mA
  Voltage Input: 0 – 70V / 0 – 500V
  Current Input: 0 – 10A

Component List

1x 16 x 2 LCD Display with Green Backlight
1x PIC16F876A – Programmed microcontroller
1x High Quality PCB with red solder mask and plated through holes
1x 28-DIP IC Socket Voltmeter Ammeter Kit schematic
1x 4MHz Resonator
1x 16 x 1 Gold Plated Male Header
1x 16 x 1 Gold Plated Female Header
1x 4 x 1 Gold Plated Header
1x LM7805 5V Voltage Regulator
1x 10K Trimmer Potentiometer
1x 4 x 10K Network Resistor
2x 100K 1% Metal Film Resistor
2x 6.8K 1% Metal Film Resistor
1x 1K 1% Metal Film Resistor
1x 10 1% Metal Film Resistor
1x 0.1 Ohm 5W Power Resistor
1x 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
1x 10uF Panasonic Capacitor
1x Manual with Schematic



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