LED fireflies prototype using PIC12f683 microcontroller

LED fireflies prototype

hello all, heres an attempt i made at something like an LED throwie..the problem (for me) with led throwies is that they just consume their battery, and produce light.. but they could be better at doing both..
LED fireflies

first you have to accept the premise that your willing to spend a bit more for the tradeoff..

the inspiration for this came from some of my other projects, and of course the “LED as a sensor” concept as well as the “LED throwie”

so the parts list:
1 common cathode, tri-color (RGB) LED
1 12f683 pic micro
1 coin cell battery holder

(cheap plug) http://www.makenyc.org/

Step 1: So whats it do?

the idea here is to use the led throwie/graffiti concept, to add a little life to my neighborhood that ive been missing for a long time now… fireflies..

the software is designed to use the LED as a light sensor (so as not to waste power during the day)

the led as an entropy source (to make each firefly unique moments after switching it on) to vary blink color, and rate.

and of course to play a flash pattern every so often in a way that seems “organic” and isnt just an “on/off” blink

and of course use as little power as possible!

(apologies for the darkness of the video, but the light had to be dim enough not to trip the fireflies daylight sensor)

For more detail: LED fireflies prototype using PIC12f683 microcontroller

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