PIC Microcontroller Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

The abbreviation of PIC is the “Peripheral  Interface Controller”, and it is a family of the microcontroller. This microcontroller is manufactured by various companies like the microchip, NXP etc. This microcontroller comprises Analog to digital converters, memories, timers/counters, serial communication and interrupts assembled into a single IC. When we select PIC microcontrollers for PIC projects or embedded projects on electronics or electrical domains, there are several options for us, ranging from 8-bit to 32-bits. There are many types of microcontrollers are available like AVR, 8051, PIC and ARM. PIC microcontroller programming is done by using integrated development tools to perform many control operations.PIC Microcontroller Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

PIC Microcontroller Based Projects

These microcontrollers are used in many applications like audio accessories, smart phones, video gaming devices, advanced medical devices, etc. You can get an idea about the list of top PIC microcontroller projects for engineering students by reading the below conceptual information.

PIC Microcontroller Based Measuring Solar Photovoltaic Power

The main objective of this project is to measure the solar cell parameters through multiple sensor data acquisition.

The power supply consists of a step-down transformer 230/12V, that steps down the voltage to 12V AC. This AC voltage  is converted to DC using a bridge rectifier, ripples are removed using a Capacitive filter and then it is regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator, which is required for the operation of the microcontroller and other circuits.

This project uses a solar panel, that keeps monitoring the sunlight. In this project, various parameters of the solar panel like current, voltage, temperature or light intensity are monitored using a PIC microcontroller of the family PIC16F8.

The light intensity is monitored using an LDR sensor; similarly, the current by the current sensor; the voltage by the voltage divider principle and the temperature by the temperature sensor, respectively. All these data are displayed on an  LCD display, which is interfaced with the PIC microcontroller.

PIC Microcontroller based Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement

The main goal of this project is to detect a vehicle movement on highwaysand switch ON only a bunch of street lights ahead of it, and then to switch off the lights when the vehicle passes away from the lights to conserve energy. During the night time, all the lights on the highway remain ON for the vehicles, but lots of energy is wasted when there is no vehicle movement.

This project gives a solution that helps conserve energy which is achieved by using sensors that sense an approaching vehicle on the highways, and then prompt a bunch of street lights ahead of the vehicle to switch on. As the vehicle passes by the street lights, the system automatically switches off the lights.

Presently, HID lamps are used in urban street lsystems; HID lamps work on the principle of gas discharge. Thus, the intensity is not controllable by any voltage reduction. In future, white LED based lamps will be replaced by HID lamps in the street lighting systems. Light intensity is also possible by PWM (pulse width modulation) which is generated by the PIC microcontroller.

Sensors that sense vehicles’ movement are placed on either side of the road to send signals to the microcontroller so as to switch on/off the LEDs. Thus, this project helps to conserve a lot of energy. Furthermore, this project can be developed by using suitable sensors not only to detect the failed street lights on the highway, but also to send SMSs to the control department through a GSM modem for corrective action.

PIC Microcontroller based Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights

This project is used to control the auto intensity of the street lights using  PIC microcontroller. This proposed system uses light emitting diodes in place of HID lamps in the street lighting system to conserve energy. PIC microcontroller is used to control the intensity of light by developing PWM signals that drives a MOSFET to switch the LEDs accordingly to the desired operation. The intensity of street lights is kept high during the peak hours; as the traffic on the roads tend to decrease slowly in the late night hours, the intensity also decreases gradually until morning. Finally, it completely shuts down at morning 6 and again resumes at 6pm in the evening. Furthermore, this project can be developed by integrating it with the solar panel, which helps convert the solar intensity into corresponding energy which is used to feed the highway lights.PIC Microcontroller Projects for Final Year Engineering Students schematich

PIC Microcontroller based Density based Traffic Signal System

The main intention of this project is to develop a density based traffic signal system. This project uses a PIC microcontroller, which is interfaced duly with the sensors. Automatically, these sensors changes the timing of junction to accommodate movement of vehicles so as to avoid the unnecessary waiting time for the vehicles at the junction.



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