Vehicle Theft Control System by Using GSM and GPS Systems

At the present time, the rate of crime is increasing rapidly because it is a kind of evident from the actual fact that thefts became a matter of routine. Particularly these vehicles may incur huge losses on the part of the amount invested on these vehicles. To overcome this problem, there are numerous technologies are available in the market such as GPS, GSM and GPRS systems. In the present days, most of the vehicles are designed with GSM based vehicle theft control systems, which provides the protection from thefts even if they are parked in the parking area. This article mentions the anti theft system for cars, that include: LoJack, OnStar, Security Plus and BMW Assist, Commando FM870, Car Shield, Viper 1002, Cobra Track5, Cobra 8510, Nissan Vision 2015and VIN shield.

Vehicle Theft Control System by Using GSM and GPS SystemsVehicle Theft Control System Using GSM and GPS Systems

For better understanding of this concept of the vehicle theft control system, the projects that are based on GPS and GSM security systems are discussed below.

These gsm and gps tracking system for cars project significantly reduce the time, manpower and operates without interference of humanoid. In the modern world, there are various new technologies like GPS, GSM, RFID, Biometric Recognition. Mobile communication has been integrated into the vehicles for security purpose. In these projects GPS  technology is used to find the exact location of the vehicle and GSM is used to send the message to the owner of the vehicle. At once if the vehicle seems to be theft, the owner just has to send an SMS to that vehicle, that means a vehicle will be stopped all the doors will be closed then the theft will be locked in the car.

GPS and GSM based Vehicle Theft Location Intimation

The main intention of this project is to find out the exact location of the stolen vehicle by thefts and inform to the concerned authority through an SMS

This GSM based vehicle theft control system  retrieves the exact location of a vehicle in terms of its longitude and latitude. This data is fed to the microcontroller, that is interfaced to a GSM modem. The microcontroller retrieves the exact location details from the GPS and sends an SMS to the concerned authority over GSM modem on periodical intervals which is set by the user.An LCD display is connected to the microcontroller for crossing the data received before being sent over GSM. This project will be very useful to people to keep track of their vehicles.Further, this project can be developed by making an arrangement to stop the ignition of the vehicle by the owner remotely by sending an SMS in theft situations.

Vehicle Theft Control System by Using GSM and GPS Systems Schematic

GSM Based Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on his Cell Phone  using PIC Microcontroller

The main objective of this project is to send an auto generated SMS to the owner of the vehicle about any unauthorized entry. An advantage of this project is that the owner of the vehicle can also send back the SMS, which will deactivate the ignition of the vehicle.

As the crime rate is increasing day by day, vehicle theft control system is essential for every vehicle. In this project, if an unauthorized person tries to steal the vehicle, the microcontroller gets an interrupt through a switch mechanism which is connected to the system.Then, immediately it commands the GSM modem to send an SMS.


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