Green house intelligent control system

In this post we will discuss about Green house intelligent control system: With the people’s living standards increasing, modern, a large number of agricultural production, such as vegetable using greenhouse to cultivate. The temperature and humidity monitoring are two key factors which used to control the growth of crops, due to different growth of greenhouse crops
need different temperature and humidity and require stability in a certain temperature range.


This design is an automatic detection and automatic temperature control system , lower computer system hardware mainly contains: PIC16F877A microcontroller, temperature sensors, LCD displays, fan, lamp, LED
indicators, and voltage regulator.


B. The Working Principle of Temperature sensor:

DS1820 pin I/O-bit data input/output (single wire bus) is an open-drain output. If connected to an external pull-up resistor, this is often the case is high. VDD 5V power supply terminals can be used for an optional external power supply, often require ground when not in use. GND is the ground pin and NC is empty feet.


C. The Schematic Diagram of the Syste:

Greenhouse temperature control system is based on intelligent 32-bit embedded ARM7 processors, combined with jingdian pengyuan PIC controller liquid crystal display module as a graphics display, through DS1820 one-bus digital temperature sensor to achieve an intelligent control system of greenhouse temperature.

For more detail: Green house intelligent control system

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