PIC16F877A (with LCD) not working

I have designed a PIC18F877A micro controller project to read temperature from an LM35 using ADC, display it on an LCD and transmit it to a serial port.

When the program starts, sometimes it shows a startup message – sometimes it doesn’t display anything.

PIC16F877A (with LCD) not workingAlso, the serial port connection is not working. Can anyone help – am I missing something? Are there any ground connections missing?
My code:
#device adc=10
#use delay(clock=20000000)
#use rs232 (baud=9600,rcv=PIN_C7, xmit=PIN_C6)
float value;
float temp;
float temp2;
float temp3;
float temp4;
float temp5[14];
float count[14];
int c;
void main(void)

PIC16F877A (with LCD) not working schematic{//setup_adc_ports( ALL_ANALOG );//Initialize and Configure ADC
//setup_adc(ADC_CLOCK_INTERNAL );
lcd_gotoxy (1,1);
printf(lcd_putc,” WELCOME TO\n Micro Tech Sol.”);
lcd_gotoxy (1,1);
printf(lcd_putc,” Fuel Monitoring \n PROJECT “);


For more detail: PIC16F877A (with LCD) not working

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