Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller

PicCon is a PIC microcontroller based radio controller designed for hidden transmitter hunting. When combined with a radio transmitter, it will produce tone sequences and Morse code messages at user-programmed times. It is completely field programmable via DTMF tones, utilizes EEPROM for all programmed options so they are remembered when power is removed, and is quite compact.Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller

PicCon interfaces to a radio transceiver much like a packet radio TNC does. It is controlled by the audio it receives from the radio, in the form of DTMF tones, and operates the radio by controlling the Push To Talk (PTT) while sending audio in the form of tones and modulated CW Morse code.

PicCon includes an LED, to show which state the device is in, and a push-button switch, to allow the starting and stopping of a transmission without requiring a DTMF receiver. There are two jumper options on the board, one for power (on/off) , and one to activate PTT via the microphone line as is required by most hand-held radios.

PicCon is usually provided in kit form, which includes a manual, a printed circuit board, and all parts necessary to build the board, excluding a chassis. A six conductor cable is provided to interface to PicCon, but plugs for radio and power are not, since there are so many possible configurations. PicCon draws only a few milliamps, and runs off any 7-35VDC source, including a standard 9-volt battery.Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller schematich

User’s Manual

The PicCon Users Manual version 1.2 is available in HTML format, Rich Text File (RTF) format (200K), and MS-DOS Text format (30K). PicCon Users Manual version 1.0 is available in Adobe PDF format (300K). The only difference between versions 1.0 and 1.2 is the Web, eMail, and US Mail addresses.



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