123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius By Myke Predko E-book

Book Introduction:

Microchip continually updates its product line with more capable and lower cost products. They also provide excellent development tools. Few books take advantage of all the work done by Microchip. 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius uses the best parts, and does not become dependent on one tool type or version, to accommodate the widest audience possible. Building on the success of 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius, as well as the unbelievable sales history of Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller, this book will combine the format of the evil genius title with the following of the microcontroller audience for a sure-fire hit.

PIC Microcontroller Experiments

Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 384
Published: 21st June 2005
Dimensions (cm): 27.9 x 21.6  x 1.8
Weight (kg): 0.726

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments p. ix
About the Author p. x
Introduction p. 1
Under the Covers of the PIC16F684 p. 13
I/O Pins p. 14
Configuration Word p. 16
PIC MCU Variable Memory, Registers, and Program Memory p. 18
Simulating cFlash.c in MPLAB IDE p. 20
Introductory C Programming p. 27
Variable Declaration Statements p. 28
C Data Types p. 29
Constant Formatting p. 31
Assignment Statements p. 32
Expressions p. 33
Bitwise Operators p. 35
Logical Expressions p. 37
Conditional Execution Using the If Statement p. 39
Nested Conditional Statements p. 41
The Switch Decision Statement p. 43
Conditional Looping p. 45
The For Statement p. 46
Simple PIC MCU Applications p. 51
Basic Delays p. 53
Sequencing PICkit 1 Starter Kit LEDs p. 55
Binary Number Output Using PICkit 1 Starter Kit LEDs p. 56
Basic Button Inputs p. 58
Debouncing Button Inputs p. 59
MCLR Operation p. 61
Ending Applications p. 63
C Language Features p. 67
Functions and Subroutines p. 69
Global and Local Variables p. 70
Defines and Macros p. 71
Variable Arrays p. 73
Structures and Unions p. 75
Pointers and Lists p. 76
Character Strings p. 79
Library Functions p. 81
PIC16F684 Microcontroller Built-in Functions p. 89
Brownout Reset p. 91
ADC Operation p. 93
Comparator Operation p. 96
Watchdog Timer p. 99
Short Timer Delays Using TMR0 p. 101
Using the TMR0 Prescaler p. 102
Long Timer Delays Using TMR1 p. 104
Comparing Clock Oscillators p. 106
Pin Resistance Measurements p. 109
Generating PWM Signals p. 111
Storing and Retrieving Data p. 114
Interfacing Projects for the PIC Microcontroller p. 117
Driving a Seven-Segment LED Display Directly from the PIC16F684 p. 119
Multiple Seven-Segment LED Displays p. 121
LED Matrix Displays p. 124
LCD Display p. 126
Producing Random Numbers p. 128
Two-Bit LCD Display p. 129
Switch Matrix Keypad Mapping p. 131
Sample C Microcontroller Applications p. 137
Pumpkin LED Display p. 138
Reaction-Time Tester p. 140
Rokenbok Monorail/Traffic Lights p. 143
Seven-Segment LED Thermometer p. 146
PIC MCU “Piano” p. 151
Model Railway Switch Control p. 153
PC Operating Status Display p. 156
Introduction to PIC MCU Assembly Language Programming p. 159
The asmTemplate.asm File and Basic Directives p. 160
Specifying Program Memory Addresses p. 161
Loading the WREG and Saving Its Contents p. 164
Defining Variables p. 165
Bitwise Instructions p. 167
Addition Instructions p. 168
AddLibs: Strange Simulator Results p. 170
Subtraction Instructions p. 171
Bank Addressing p. 173
Bit Instructions p. 175
Bit Skip Instructions p. 177
Conditional Execution p. 178
decfsz Looping p. 180
Subroutines p. 181
Defining and Implementing Arrays p. 182
PIC Microcontroller Assembly Language Resource Routines p. 187
Logic Simulation Using the PIC16F684 p. 188
The C “Switch” Statement p. 191
Defines p. 194
Conditional Assembly p. 197
Macros p. 199
16-Bit Values/Variables p. 201
Universal Delay Macro p. 203
High-Level Programming p. 205
Implementing Read-Only Arrays p. 208
Data Stacks p. 210
Circular Buffers p. 212
Reading and Writing the EEPROM Data Memory p. 214
Sensors p. 221
PIC MCU BS2 User Interface p. 224
PIC MCU BS2 Keypad Interface p. 230
PIC MCU Instrument Interface p. 231
Sound Detection p. 235
Multiple Microswitch Debouncing p. 237
Light Sensors p. 238
Infrared (IR) Surface Sensor p. 239
Interfacing to Sharp GP2D120 Ranging Object Sensors p. 242
Do-It-Yourself IR Object Sensor p. 243
IR Object-Ranging Sensor p. 247
Ultrasonic Distance-Range Sensor p. 249
Robot IR Tag p. 251
Motor Control p. 255
DC Motor Driven Using the CCP PWM and Using a Potentiometer Control p. 257
DC Motor Control with Simple TMR0 PWM p. 261
Controlling Multiple Motors with PWM and BS2 Interface p. 264
Bipolar Stepper Motor Control p. 265
Unipolar Stepper Motor Control p. 269
Radio-Control Model Servo Control p. 272
Multiple Servo Control Software Structure p. 274
Two-Servo Robot Base with BS2 Interface p. 277
Solving Programming Problems in PIC Microcontroller Assembly Language p. 279
Eight-Bit Multiplication with a 16-Bit Product p. 280
Division of a 16-Bit Value by an Eight-Bit Value p. 282
Squaring a Number Using Finite Difference Theory p. 284
Find the Square Root of a 16-Bit Number p. 286
Converting a Byte into Three Decimal, Two Hex, or Eight Binary ASCII Bytes p. 289
Produce the Even Parity Values for a Byte p. 291
Sort a List of 10 Eight-Bit Values Using the Bubble-Sort Algorithm p. 292
Encrypt and Decrypt an ASCIIZ String Using a Simple Substitution Algorithm p. 294
Generate a Fibonacci Number Sequence p. 297
Find the Largest Common Factor of Two Eight-Bit Numbers p. 298
ZipZaps Robot p. 301
Characterizing the ZipZaps p. 303
PIC MCU Power Supply p. 305
PIC MCU Electronics PCB p. 307
IR TV Remote Control p. 310
Motor and Steering Control p. 311
Basic Task-Control Software p. 313
IR Remote Control p. 316
Light Sensors and Following p. 317
IR Object-Detection Sensors p. 318
IR Line-Following Sensors p. 320
Index p. 327
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