Mechatronics for Beginners: 21 Projects for PIC Microcontrollers By As Imam E-Book

Book Introduction:

This book provides a unique approach to teaching how systems or processes can be automated without having prior knowledge of any computer programming language. It presents step-by-step practical guidelines on how sensors, actuators, and other electronic components can be interfaced to microcontrollers for building smart systems using the Flowcode graphical programming software. The book is intended for students in vocational and technical colleges or any other person interested in learning how to build mechatronics systems. The book is in two parts, part 1 and part 2. Part 1 begins with an overview of mechatronics evolution in chapter 1, while chapter 2 discusses some electronic basics essential to mechatronics for users with no electronic knowledge. Chapter 3 covers discussion on hardware and software required for implementing the projects in the book. Part 2 of the book contains the twenty-one projects. The book assumes no knowledge of electrical/electronic and programming languages. Emphasis is placed on practical demonstrations for building the projects in the book. Steps for implementing each project are illustrated with graphics obtained from the Flowcode software.

Mechatronics for Beginners

Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 404
Published: 22nd October 2012
Dimensions (cm): 27.991 x 21.59  x 2.667
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Mechatronics for Beginners: 21 Projects for PIC Microcontrollers By As Imam E-Book

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