PIC 16f877 based Projects

Pic16f877a is very famous microcontroller by microchip. Under given is the up to date list of projects built using this list.

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  1. Interfacing 7-segment display with PIC12F1822 using CCS PIC C compiler

    The easiest way to interface 7-segment display with PIC12F1822 microcontroller is to add a serial-in parallel-out shift register. The adding of the shift register minimizes the number of pins used by…

  2. Interfacing PIC16F877A with DHT11 (RHT01) sensor Proteus simulation

    PIC16F877A + DHT11 (RHT01) Proteus simulation This topic shows how to interface DHT11 (RHT01) digital relative humidity and temperature sensor with PIC16F877A microcontroller, and how to simulate this interfacing using…

  3. Interfacing PIC16F877A with DHT22(AM2302-RHT03) sensor using CCS PIC C

    Interfacing PIC16F877A with DHT22(AM2302-RHT03) digital humidity and temperature sensor This topic shows how to interface PIC16F877A microcontroller with DHT22 sensor with hardware circuit. Related topic: The following topic shows PIC16F877A…

  4. Sensored brushless DC (BLDC) motor control with PIC16F877A microcontroller

    Sensored BLDC motor control using PIC16F877A – CCS PIC C compiler This topic shows an easy way to drive a Cd-Rom sensored brushless DC motor (BLDC motor) using PIC16F877A microcontroller…

  5. 4-Digit 7-Segment display with 74HC595 shift register

    There are many topics in this blog talking about the 7-segment display and how to interface it with different types of PIC microcontrollers. One of these topics shows how to…

  6. Display custom characters on 16×2 lcd using Microchip Pic16f877 Microcontroller

    Here is a simple project on how to build/generate/make custom characters in 16×2 lcd and then print/display them on lcd using microchip pic16f877 microcontroller. Character lcd contains a set of…

  7. Push Button as Input and Led as Output with Pic Microcontroller

    This is a simple tutorial/project on how to interface a transistor (2n2222), led and push button with Pic microcontroller. In the project i am going to switch on and off(blink)…

  8. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with Microchip Pic Microcontroller

    An year ago i made a plc (programmable logic controller) using microchip pic microcontroller. Its a 16 bit digital input and output programmable logic controller. Plc programming is done using…

  9. Getting started with PIC Microcontroller: Introduction to PIC and MPLABX

    Introduction to PIC Microcontroller and MPLABX IDE In 1980, Intel developed the first Microcontroller (8051) with Harvard Architecture 8051 and since then Microcontrollers brought a revolution in Electronics and embedded industry.…

  10. Interfacing ESP8266 with PIC16F877A Microcontroller

    Interfacing PIC16F877A Microcontroller with ESP8266 In this article, let us discuss how to interface WIFI module ESP8266 with a PIC microcontroller. So far you might have been using the ESP8266 module…

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