PIC Industrial and Domestic Timer (Relay Controller)

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I hope everyone had a rocking New year I was suppose to give you all a New year gift uploading a new project, but unfortunately it got delayed ‘coz I was busy with my *personal life*

One of our site member, Jeswanth kumar (jeswanthmg ) has submitted his project to me just before the new year eve. It took a little time for me to review this project.PIC Industrial and Domestic Timer (Relay Controller)

Project is titled “Industrial and Domestic Timer” is a time controller or a Time controlled relay project in simple words. Though it seems simple to say but the features of this project adds a great learning curve in both hardware and software part.

This project is buit around Microchip PIC Microcontroller PIC16F877A. Hardware includes DS1307 for time keeping, 16×2 LCD for display, 5 Push buttons and 8 relays. The alarm settings are stored in internal EEPROM of PIC microcontroller. The code for this project is written in C for Hi-Tech C Compiler.PIC Industrial and Domestic Timer (Relay Controller) schematic

Some Highlighting features are:

  • 32 alarm settings for 8 relays including on off but the number of alarms can easily be increased upto 46.
  • 16×2 LCD and 5 push buttons for user interface.
  • Microchip PIC16F877A as controller and DS1307 to manage time.
  • PIC16F877A’s internal eeprom to store alarm settings.
  • PIC’s code is written in Hi-Tech PIC C compiler.

Incase you face any kind of problem in this project feel free to post your doubts in forum.

Download Project: PIC Industrial and Domestic Timer (Relay Controller)



For more detail: PIC Industrial and Domestic Timer (Relay Controller)

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