Digital Thermometer and Clock Project (Version 1.0)

This device uses two digital sensors (DS1620 or DS1820), measures the ambient temperature with 0,1 °C (0,2 °F) resolution and displays it on LCD 2×16 (LM016 etc.) screen. It have a clock, which is based on DS1302 timekeeping chip. This chip stores current date and time. The main CPU used in this project is PIC16F877. The additional 8-digit 7 segment LED display can be used. It is based on PIC16F870 microcontroller. RS232C interface is applied to transmit the information from the main CPU to remote LED display. No calibration required!

Digital Thermometer and Clock Project (Version 1.0)Main characteristic:

  • Displays Inside and Outside Temperature.
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit scales selectable.
  • Temperature range: -55 °C to 125 °C (-67 °F to 257 °F).
  • Temperature resolution: ± 0,1 °C (± 0,2 °F).
  • Clock (24-hour format).
  • Local LCD display.
  • Additional LED display (optional).
  • Digital sensors: DS1620 or DS1820 (optional).
  • Power supply: DC 9 V from adaptor.

Digital Thermometer and Clock Project (Version 1.0) BoardSchematic diagrams:

Firmware Files


For more detail: Digital Thermometer and Clock Project (Version 1.0)

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