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  1. Simple mass storage for your microcontroller project
    Do you want gigabytes of storage for your microcontroller? Would you like a simple way to tranfer files from your PC to your picaxe or arduino or other micro project? This little projects demonstrates the uDrive that can be set up as an extra drive…... Listed under:
  2. How to get started with PICAXE 08M microcontroller
    This is instructable for how to get started with PICAXE 08M microcontroller. To get started, you need: - 08M Protoboard or same kind of board (Can be homemade) - A LED - AXE027 USB Cable - 3V Power supply Step 1: Connect the led to…... Listed under:
  3. Picaxe LED night light
    This is a little night-light that comes on when it gets dark, to illuminate dark rooms or hallways. I'm sure you can buy these cheaply ready made but it's more fun to make your own, and this way it can be customised exactly how you…... Listed under:
    We have been wanting to design and build an open-design, relatively inexpensive but fully functioned charge regulator for solar PV, wind, pedal and small hydro systems for a while now. The majority of off-grid renewable energy systems are based upon lead acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries…... Listed under:
  5. Disco Lights Project using pic microcontoller
    What does it do? The Disco Lights project is what you get when you combine the fantastic beat detection circuitry of my ever popular beat triggered strobe light with coloured halogen lamps! In other words, four coloured lights flash in a variety of patterns in…... Listed under:
  6. Starting Programming With a Flow Chart
    Starting to use PIC micro controllers for your projects? they are very useful but very frustrating when your programme just doesn't work. This is one way to sort out your ideas by drawing a flow chart. This is the way professional programmers often create their…... Listed under:
  7. Lets Program a PIC Microprocessor
    OK How hard can programming a PIC microprocessor be? Well it depends, some are harder than others for several reasons, The programming language, the type of microprocessor, the ease of use of the editing software and most importantly how familiar you are with it all.…... Listed under:
    Magazine EPE (Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine) shared for free on the site I came across a pic of all the details on the project (English)’s many projects with source code PICmicro Completed Projects List Magick Musick ( 2xpic16f84,tlc7524,lm358,lm13600,l202 Video... Electronics Projects, Free Microchip PICmicro of Completed Projects "microchip…... Listed under:
    The giant (by radio control standards) servos above are shown adjacent to a Nokia 3310 mobile phone to give an idea of the scale.  The arms are 12cm long - perfect for lifting a bank of solar panels (wing). Our local Model Aerodrome in Seaside…... Listed under:
  10. Pimp My Rocket (Espresso Machine)
    Combining Coffee and Electronics – An Idea for a Project Having played around with fixed function logic ICs, such as the Johnson counter used in the Spindicator project, I was keen to move on and experiment with programmable microcontrollers. I decided to obtain and play with some…... Listed under:
  11. Microcontroller controlled Home Entertainment System
    This Instructable will take you on my journey to replace my old Netflix/Vudu Bluray player with a PC based entertainment station for my LCD projector. I wanted to be able to access and control Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Crackle, NBC, ABC, and the Weather Channel using…... Listed under:
  12. MTM Scientific, Inc… PIC Project for CATV Tuner
    The CATV Tuner sold by MTM Scientific, Inc can be used for wideband audio and video reception, as described on our other project pages such as the FM Wideband Receiver and Radio Telescope Project. A common requirement in all these projects is the need to…... Listed under:
  13. Arduino powered temperature sensing RGB LED nightlight using PICaxe
    About a year ago I started on a project to make a temperature controlled nightlight. I was inspired by seeing these lovely LED lamps styled as mushrooms growing out of pieces of wood. Those mushrooms were made out of glass, which was somewhat beyond my…... Listed under: , , ,
  14. Programming a Picaxe 08m chip
    After I got my Arduino I felt the urge to brush up on my general electronics knowledge. The last time I’d really played with any circuits was back in about 1994 when I was studying my Technology GCSE – which now is quite a long…... Listed under:
  15. PICJazz 20PIN Learning and Development Board
    The PICJazz 20PIN board from ermicro is designed to be used both as the Microchip PIC microcontroller learning and development board. The PICJazz 20PIN board is stand alone microcontroller module equipped with the latest 8-bit class Microchip midrange and high performance such as PIC16F690 or…... Listed under:
  16. Introduction to the Embedded System with PICAXE Microcontroller
    These days we are living and surrounding by many tiny computers called embedded products. Unlike the general purpose desktop computer that we use for browsing or typing our email, this tiny computer is designed to do only a limited specific task. We could easily found…... Listed under:
  17. Build Your Own Simple and Easy PICAXE Microcontroller Based Photovore Robot
    Building a simple and easy microcontroller based robot is always a fascinating topic to be discussed, especially for the robotics newbie enthusiast. On this tutorial I will show you how to build your own microcontroller based robot which known as a photovore or you could…... Listed under:
  18. Controlling a Servo with a PICAXE and an IR Sensor
    Learn how to combine a PICAXE, IR sensors, and a servo motor to create a device that responds to a moving stimulus. Spoilers: I hook it up to eyeballs that can follow a finger. Related Information Servo Motor Control with an Arduino Servo Control with…... Listed under:
  19. Having fun with HC08 using pic microcontroller
    Here is a nice little project for a rainy weekend, all this can be accomplished over a weekend and for under USD 15. This page has gone through several rewrites, mainly to get rid of my 'rant mode' writing, but it seems I just need…... Listed under:
  20. Pingbot – Micro RC Rechargable Musical Robot Pal using PICAXE
    Pingbot is a very small (38mm diameter), usb rechargeable, programmable, musical, remote control robot designed for maximum fun and danceability. I've built a few experimental robots in the past and, to be honest, they all looked the part. They were nothing more than circuit boards…... Listed under: ,
  21. DIY Microcontroller – Hand Dynamometer
    Did this DIY Hand Dynamometer as a sensor for PICAXE micro-controller. It also can be use for Arduino or any micro-controller too. List of the materials I used to make Hand Dynamometer : 1) Hand Exerciser from Amazon - 1 pc 2) Flex Sensor 2.2"…... Listed under:
  22. Wireless PICAXE-based water tank level sensor
    Over the last few months I have prototyped and built a water tank level sensor for my 9000L rain water tank. The design is based entirely on Silicon Chip’s PIC-Based Water-Tank Level Meter, but instead of programming PICs, I prototyped using an arduino, and built…... Listed under: ,
  23. Picaxe Blending Nightlight using pic12f683
    I had a few multicolor LEDs laying around and wanted to whip up a color-blending nightlight. I built 2 devices, each in its own 20 pin DIP socket without soldering. A 3-pin header is included so I can reprogram the light on-the-fly if desired. On…... Listed under:
  24. Robot 1: “Little Jimmy” based on PICAXE-18M2
    Robot 1: "Little Jimmy" based on PICAXE-18M2 I wanted to build this little robot to give me a fun and flexible platform for learning more about programming, RC (radio-control), drive trains (the mechanics that make it go) and the newest PICAXE processor, the 18M2. Under…... Listed under: ,
  25. Trippy RGB Color Mixing NightLight
    Project is based on A Trippy Crystal Nightlight by Charles Platt in Make magazine volume 25, see URL below for additional details. A fun and simple project to get started with PICAXE microcontrollers. http://www. makezine.com/25/electronics In this version an inexpensive (> $2.50) AC USB charger…... Listed under:
  26. Electronic Heart (Flashing LEDs) – Mother’s Day Project
    Mother's Day was approaching, and I am getting my 8 year old son started with electronics. So why not combine the two? In the next few pages we'll show you the project we did - a blinking heart with several effects, all driven by a…... Listed under:
  27. Picaxe Projects #1: Making Fast Printed Circuit Modules
    Experimental circuit board modules can be made quickly and fairly easily. They have the advantage of being more than twice as fast to build than a custom circuit board. They are also easy to test in a breadboard. The modules detailed here are ones I…... Listed under:

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