Implementation of Circuit Diagram in Proteus

Mastering PIC 24F Series: A Comprehensive Guide with MPLAB and Proteus

Introduction The field of embedded systems plays a crucial role in modern society, with a myriad of applications across various sectors such as telecommunication, medical devices, industrial control, and more (Miha & Mihael, 2008). Microcontrollers form the backbone of these embedded systems, capable of executing complex operations based on hundreds of thousands of transistors. Initially, […]

Block diagram of the system

Smart Baby Incubator: Enhancing Care with PIC Microcontrollers

INTRODUCTION Within the effective Baby Incubator system, the incubator serves as an infant-stimulation apparatus designed for the intensive care of newborns, particularly those who are premature or unwell. This system ensures a secure and hygienic environment, offering fresh air and sterile conditions essential for the well-being of infants. Globally, four million infants face mortality within […]

Basic block diagram

Exploring Versatility: GSM-Based Robotic Vehicle Technology

Introduction To Robotics The term ‘Robot’ remains elusive, defying a precise definition due to its evolving usage. Initially, it referred to humanoid or human-like beings and originated from the Czech word meaning ‘slave labor,’ coined by Karel Čapek in his 1921 play, “Rossum’s Universal Robots.” These early robots were biochemical entities, akin to what we […]

The controller part

Wireless Control of Robotic Arm via PS2 Joystick and Microcontroller Technology

1. INTRODUCTION A robot is a machine capable of performing a multitude of tasks [1]. Specifically, a robotic arm, functioning as a robot rigger, exhibits the ability to execute various functions akin to a human arm. In industrial settings, these robotic arms undertake diverse tasks such as welding, trimming, picking, and placing, among others. An […]

The virtual terminal output with different inputs

Microcontroller-Based Laser Pulse Code Detection: Harnessing Pulse Repetition Frequency

This paper presents an enhanced system for detecting and tracking laser-guided weapons through a microcontroller-based decoding mechanism. The system utilizes a 4-quadrant laser detector to receive reflected pulses, and an electronic circuit processes these pulses. The processed data is then sent to a microcontroller for decoding the laser signal reflected by the target. The decoding […]

Design of Circuit Diagram for PIC

Precision Temperature Monitoring in Boiling Water with PIC Microcontroller

ABSTRACT In the industrial setting, accurately measuring the temperature of boiled water is a crucial undertaking. This paper presents the design and implementation of a temperature measurement system for boiled water utilizing a PIC microcontroller, specifically the PIC 18F452, and a temperature sensor from National Semiconductors, the LM35. The designed system is employed to gauge […]

Full System Diagram

Optimizing Performance: A Guide to Stacking Precision Power Supplies

1. Introduction Statement of Purpose Our project selection stems from the recognition that power supplies represent a crucial and costly aspect of any electrical project. In an industrial context, numerous product test setups demand precision voltage references, but the acquired supplies often exceed the required wattage and come at a higher cost. Conversely, for hobbyists […]

Representation of a sensor pad based approach to controller design with location of subsystems

A Comprehensive VR Disability Accessibility Design Document

Introduction Problem and solution overview As technological advancements propel the evolution of virtual reality (VR) devices, incorporating features such as full-body capture and haptic feedback, the potential for diverse applications in gaming, education, and resource management continues to grow. However, the current state of VR presents challenges for individuals with disabilities, particularly those affecting the […]

Weight sensor and amplifier schematic

Intelligent Sips: Revolutionizing Dining with the SmartCup

Abstract The SmartCup Attachment is a comprehensive system designed for restaurants to monitor the liquid levels in their customers’ cups. This system comprises the attachment affixed to the base of cups, a hub responsible for processing data from all cups and converting it into Bluetooth format, and an iOS application that seamlessly connects to the […]

This will make it easier to connect the pins from the board to the cable

Programming HID Bootloader on PIC32

The bootloader enables program installation on the PIC32 without relying on an external programmer such as an ICD2, and it operates without the need for any drivers on the computer. Software PIC Source Code For every new program, it is necessary to establish a folder that encompasses the source code files along with a project […]