Motor Projects

Multiple Servomotors

Multiple Servomotors

Using a modified version of the last program, we can control as many servomotors as we have I/O lines on port B. In the next listing, we will control two servos in the same manner as we controlled a single servo in the previous program. The circuit is shown in figure 4 (below). The program

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Rotary Encoders schematich

Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders are very versatile input devices for microcontroller projects. They are like potentiometers expect of digital nature and unlike analogue potentiometers they never wear down. Rotary encoders not only provide 360 degrees of rotational freedom they also allow digital positioning information to be gained without the use of analogue to digital converters (ADCs). When

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Solar Tracking System

This is a simple PIC microcontroller based Solar Tracking system, only basic electronics skills are required. It uses 2 unipolar stepper motors and 4 IR-850nm LEDs as sensors to follow the sun  maximizing solar panel illumination. The entire prototype frame was built from simple, cheap and widely available strip board. Just cut it to a

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Stepper Motor Interface PIC16F

Here is a simple example for PIC microcontroller interfacing  Unipolar stepping motor with assembly code. Instead of using a dedicated stepper motor driver IC like very popular L293D   PIC16F with ULN2003A were used. Just 4 I/O Pins are required to drive each coil of the motor. By energizing each coil in a particular sequence you can control the

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