Computer Controlled Light Up Water Fountain

Computer-Controlled Light-Up Water Fountain using pic-microcontroller

System Overview La Fontaine Du Campus Est (The Fountain of East Campus) is a computer-controlled, servo-actuated, LED and halogen-lit, sump-pump powered water fountain. It features five streams of water that can each be individually controlled (on/off) as well as pivoted (90 degrees of freedom). Each stream of water is lit by a halogen light. The […]



This is an Instructable showing you how to integrate Twitter in your embedded application. Watch this Instructable in Action Working: A desktop application is created with ease for grabbing the latest tweet from your twitter account. The application then forwards the tweet to the serial port to which the embedded device is connected. A firmware […]

USB Reprogrammable iButton door lock schematic

USB Reprogrammable iButton door lock

iButtons are small button like casings that communicate with only 2 wires. They are incredibly robust and all have a unique serial number which is hardware written into the device and never repeated. They are cheap (about 1 Pound / 1,50 Euro/ $2) This serial number allows the keys to be truly unique and thus […]

Mädchen Machen Technik

Mädchen Machen Technik using pic-microcontroller

The “Mädchen Machen Technik” workshop is designed to give high school students an introduction to microcontrollers. The students will build a flashing light pattern and/or a counter-timer. In the process of building this project, the students will learn about microcontrollers and digital electronics. Here is the parts list for the projects. Introduction to some circuit […]

Trippy RGB Color Mixing NightLight

Trippy RGB Color Mixing NightLight

Project is based on A Trippy Crystal Nightlight by Charles Platt in Make magazine volume 25, see URL below for additional details. A fun and simple project to get started with PICAXE microcontrollers. http://www. In this version an inexpensive (> $2.50) AC USB charger provides a traditional plug-in-the-wall nightlight form factor.  I removed download […]

Electronic Heart Flashing LEDs Mothers Day Project schematic

Electronic Heart (Flashing LEDs) – Mother’s Day Project

Mother’s Day was approaching, and I am getting my 8 year old son started with electronics. So why not combine the two? In the next few pages we’ll show you the project we did – a blinking heart with several effects, all driven by a microcontroller. Taught my son not only about how to make […]

Circuit design and electronics

Circuit design and electronics using pic-microcontroller

I completed a 2-part assignment for this week. The first part was to build a sorta-random sound generator based on a schematic that Joe Paradiso made available. The second part was to build a circuit that could transmit MIDI messages – this will go towards my final project. Sound Generator Midi output Midi input Sound […]

The perfect Remote Programmable Controller for interactive LED strips

The perfect Remote, Programmable, Controller for interactive LED strips

Since when white light emitting high brightness LED are available, the handover from traditional lighting bulbs to the solid-state lighting has become irreversible: LEDs have an efficiency (expressed in lumens/watt) higher than that of almost all the traditional lamps (except, at the moment, the large sodium vapor lamps used for street lighting, unusable in closed […]

3D Printed Microcontroller Dice Roller

3D Printed Microcontroller Dice Roller

This is a just-for-fun project I did in the Digilent MakerSpace. Usually whenever I play board games I use a dice-rolling smartphone app since dice are so easy to lose. I thought I would try making my own hardware version though. It turned out really well and was a lot of fun. In this Instructable […]

Microcontrollers based Password Locker

Microcontroller’s based Password Locker

Hello Everybody , the goal of this instructables is to learn how to do a simple locker for your room, or anything which need to be safe. I’ve made it on a non-soldering card but there is the PCB if you want to make it ! Here is the list of differents components that we […]