Clock – Timer Projects


INTRODUCTION Time-keeping is inherently stressful, especially when you can see the seconds ticking down. The Virtual Hourglass Timer takes all the pressure away through its relaxing visual display. Inspired by this digital hourglass alarm clock , the Virtual Hourglass Timer allows the user to set a timer and opts to display the time remaining in an hourglass …


Sunrise Alarm Clock

Introduction This report covers the design and building of a programmable alarm clock that uses a full spectrum LED to wake you up using your body’s natural response to sunlight. Rather than waking you up with an annoying alarm, a sunrise alarm clock slowly turns on a light in your room over the course of …

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Sleep Enough Timer

I could not find a good name for this project. You could also call it an ‘enough sleep timer’. The idea for this project came up during a vacation in winter. We were in a vacation home where there was no alarm clock in the bed room. I normally need 8 hours of sleep but …

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