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MRNet Wired Cab Module Revision A

MRNet — Wired Cab Module (Revision A) using pic microcontroller

Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Cab Design Goals Cab Electronics Power and Cable Interface Microcontroller Seven Segment Display Buttons LED’s Cab Printed Circuit Board Cab Software Summary  Introduction {Introduction goes here.} Cab Design Goals The goals for the handheld cab are: Light weight. Comfortable. Not visibly warm (i.e. low power consumption). Assembled from […]

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F84 Miniature Real-Time Controller

Build a simple real-time controller with PIC16F84 running at low power X-tal 32,768Hz. Daily scheduler for 6-channel resided in 64-byte EEPROM can easily be preprogrammed  using Nigel PicProg. RTC2.C provides user programmable set current time without the need of recompilation. Fixed bug on minute conversion! Introduction The F84 MRTC was my second design of a

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