DMX-512 RGB LED Wash Light Control Board using PIC16F688

DMX-512 RGB LED Wash Light Control Board A full featured driver board to control Red, Green, & Blue LEDs. When paired with the correct output board, it can control any arrangement of LEDs. Common Cathode, Common Anode, single color LEDs. From 1/8 watt LEDs to 3 watt LED arrangements. 4 stand-alone modes. Fade & Flash with speed adjustment via potentiometer. Manual color select via the same potentiom ...

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Mood vase using PIC12F683 microcontroller

Intro: Mood vase I'm a fan of LEDs, lots of LEDs.  So here's a slightly less crass way of using LEDs for decorative purposes. While this is by no means a neat and polished solution, and probably not the first of its kind, however the pulse effect is as far as I have seen unique, and exactly what I wanted.  I hope that this will inspire others to create similar. The set-up It consists of a plain, unmodified ...

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