Mastering the Basics Programming a PIC Microcontroller

Mastering the Basics: Programming a PIC Microcontroller

One lesson I’ve gleaned from parenthood is the formidable challenge of imparting knowledge to a child. Despite their keen interest and ample time and resources at hand, if a child isn’t prepared or lacks essential foundational elements, grasping a skill or lesson can prove elusive. Fortunately, programming a PIC microcontroller unit (MCU) presents a significantly […]

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The SNOPPP Pic Programmer

Pic Cross Development Support Tools

The SMALpic Assembler When I embarked on a substantial PIC-based project for paid work, I encountered a common issue: most of the PIC tools were designed exclusively for Windows. Additionally, the Linux tools available seemed to require a significant time investment to upgrade my outdated Linux system. However, I already had a capable assembler at

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Microchip PIC Serial Port Programmer

Microchip PIC Serial Port Programmer

About the Programmer This is a Simple com port based Microchip PIC microcontroller Programmer,This Programmer is based on JDM programmer.The entire programmer is built around commonly available components Features Does not support the usb to serial converter. Works with most of PIC mcu. Works with 18F2550 and other 18F series mcu. Connections to the Target MCU

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PIC and EEPROM Programmer

Project Summary In this project we are building a JDM programmer that can handle PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 family microcontrollers and some popular 24C family EEPROMs. The programmer also provides ICSP feature that allows In-Circuit Serial Programming. So if you desire, you will not have to carry your MCU each time when you reprogram it.

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PIC Serial Programmer

PIC 16F84 Serial Programmer

The Microchip PIC 16C84 was one of the first serial in-system programmable microcontroller. I saw PIC serial programmers published in Electronic magazines in 1993. Today, many PIC programmer circuits – for serial and parallel PC ports – are published on the Internet. Despite its somewhat unusual design – like the 128 byte page RAM/Register direct/indirect

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