Providing up to 1,300 mW in an industry standard package, the new LUXEON IR 2720 is optimized for a variety of cost conscious infrared applications requiring high power outputs.


Lumileds today introduced theĀ LUXEONĀ IR 2720 Line, high power emitters that set the standard for abundant radiant power delivered in an industry standard package for seamless integration in existing designs. The emitters provide high radiant power of up toĀ 1,300 mW at 940 nmĀ orĀ 1,250 mW at 850 nmĀ wavelength and feature high efficacy and a popularĀ 120Ā°Ā beam angle. TheĀ 2.75 x 2.0 mmĀ LEDs are undomed and especially useful for applications with package height limitations that prevent the use of domed solutions. The emitters address a wide array of cost conscious infrared applications from surveillance and machine vision to iris scanning and health monitors.

Infrared LED uses such as CCTV cameras and machine vision are especially cost sensitive markets, so high performance emitters with high reliability are very much in demand,

said Ryan Dong, Product Manager at Lumileds.

TheĀ LUXEON IR 2720Ā package enables drop-in upgrades in applications that require high punch, long range and high uniformity including positioning and depth measurement, and industrial automation. The state of the art thermal resistance package (4Ā°C/W) effectively solves thermal challenges and ensures system reliability which has been thoroughly tested during the Lumileds extensive qualification process.

TheĀ LUXEON IR 2720Ā Line ofĀ 940 nmĀ emitters address such applications as biometric identification, military and law enforcement, and traffic and railroad signaling applications. TheĀ 850 nmĀ emitters are workhorses for machine vision cameras and CCTV cameras.

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