8 Channel Programmable Timer

Introduction I have been using Microchip’s PIC range of microcontroller for my projects since 1993, and have done all my programming in assembler language, using the Microchip MPLab IDE. My projects ranged from simple traffic lights and flashing LEDs, to USB joystick interfaces for R/C models, and switchgear analisers used in industry. Development took many …

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Sleep Enough Timer

I could not find a good name for this project. You could also call it an ‘enough sleep timer’. The idea for this project came up during a vacation in winter. We were in a vacation home where there was no alarm clock in the bed room. I normally need 8 hours of sleep but …

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Reaction Speed Timer

Many, many years ago – when I was young – I visited the Evoluon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. At that time it had all kind of technical stuff you could see and you could play with. Nowadays it does no longer exists in that form since the Evoluon has changed into a conference center. One …

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