Large Current Relay Driver

This is a large current Relay module with single pole double throw switch which provides normally closed and normally open operations. The Relay is the most common used module in application such as home automation, industrial automation, and machine on/off. Sometimes you need to control large current such as the fans, lights, water heaters, room heaters, Air-conditioning, vacuum pumps That is what this Large Current Relay Module can be helpful to drive such high current load with just TTL signal. Easy interface with embedded systems and micro-controllers.

Large Current Relay Driver


  • Supply 12V DC
  • Current 190mA
  • Trigger Supply 3 to 8V DC
  • Optically isolated input for safety and noise immunity
  • 7 Pin Header for Inputs and 5V DC output
  • 3 Pin screw Terminals for Relay output
  • Relay with 3 Pin Lugs for
  • 3.2 mm X 4 Mountings holes
  • High Quality Double side PTH PCB
  • On Board LED for power
  • Onboard LED for Relay operations
  • Jumper for Cathode to ground or direct cathode anode interface
  • Onboard 5V DC regulator for external circuits



For more detail:   Large Current Relay Driver

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