Avago has high linearity amplifiers for femtocells

The Avago Technologies MGA-43428 is a fully matched power amplifier for use in the 851-894 MHz band. High linear output power at 5V is achieved through the use of Avago Technologies’ proprietary 0.25um GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process.

Features [-]

  • High Gain: 34dB
  • High Linearity performance: Max -50dBc ACLR at 27.2dBm linear output power
  • Good efficiency
  • Fully matched
  • Built-in detector
  • GaAs E-pHEMT Technology
  • MSL3

Avago has high linearity amplifiers for femtocells

Avago Technologies has targeted at macrocell and small cell basestation designs with a range of power amplifiers designed to provide final stage gain for picocell and enterprise femtocell systems.

“Driven by the huge growth in cellular traffic, picocells and femtocells are helping to offload the macrocells in a heterogeneous network of macrocells and small cells” said Allen Chien, product manager for wireless products.

The first three amplifiers in the family, MGA43428, 43528, and 43628, are each targeted at a different frequency band— 3GPP bands 5, 2/25, & 1, respectively.

All are fabricated using an Avago 0.25”m GaAs Enhancement mode pHEMT process and also include a detector block integrated on the chip.

The three-stage power amplifiers (PAs) have 34 to 40dB of gain and efficiency ranging from 15% to 13.8%.

Linearity is 50dBcadjacent-channel leakage ratio (ACLR) at 27.3dBm output power when biased with a 5V supply.

The amplifiers are packaged in a 5mm x 5mm package that has a footprint 50% smaller than comparable devices.

The firm has also introduced the MGA-16×16 series of balanced ultra-low-noise amplifiers include integrated active biasing and a shutdown functionality.

Intended for cellular infrastructure applications such as basestation transceiver cards, remote radio heads, the balanced LNAs deliver return-loss characteristics of (S11) 18dB minimum.

Offering a noise figure as low as 0.25dB at 900MHz, the first three members in the family, the MGA-16116, 16216, and 16316 are targeted for the 450 to 1450MHz, the 1440 to 2350MHz, and the 1950 to 2700MHz frequency bands, respectively.


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