There are  a lot of different LCD display interfaces depending on the requirements of resolutions, speed, cost, stability etc.  The following outlines the common ones on the market:

Parallel Vs Serial Interface

Parallel interface could transmit many data bits at the same time depending on the data bits width.

  • PROs: Simple
  • CONs: Need RAM, Speed is limited.

Serial interface could transmit just one-bit data at same time

  • PROs: less connection, hardware lower cost
  • CONs: Software is more complicated

MCU Interface

MCU interfaces include two types, 6800 and 8080. 8080 is much more popular than 6800. Generally, MCU interface consist of 4/8/9/16bits data (like DB0, DB1, , , DB7; Note: 8bits is the most popular bits width), CS (chip select), RS (data register or instruction register select), RD (read enable), WR (write enable).

Used in Mono character, graphic, small TFT (smaller than 3.5”)

SPI Interface

SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface Bus) includes the following 4 wires:

  • SCLK: serial clock (output from master);
  • MOSI;  master output, slave input (output from master);
  • MISO;  master input, slave output (output from slave);
  • SS: slave select

Used in Mono digit, character, graphic LCD, small TFT, some CTP

IIC (I²C) Interface

I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) includes the following 2 connections.

  • SCL (serial clock wire),
  • SDA (serial data and address wire).

Used in Mono digit, character, graphic LCD, small TFT, most CTP

RGB Interface

RGB interfaces are often used to control large-scale high-resolution LCD displays. It includes 6/16/18bits data (like R0, R1,  G0, G1, ,B0, B1, , ), VSYNC (Vertical synchronization), HSYNC (Horizontal synchronization).

Advantage is that R,G,B data is written to LCD directly without GRAM, high speed. Normally used in large-scale high-resolution LCD. No initialization code needed

Disadvantage is that controlling LCD is more complex, and requires more data wires than MCU interface.

Application: Medium size TFT (3.5” to 8”)


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