Ir Light Dimmer v.1 adjusting lights with remote controller using PIC12F629

This is a device for adjusting lights in your home with any type of remote controller (tv, dvd, video,…). Today we are using many devices in our homes to improve quality of our life and this is another example on how you can enhance a simple procedure like switching the lights ON/OFF. It may be difficult to many of us to stand up from our chair only to switch lights, so try imagining yourself doing this with your remote controller.

Ir Light Dimmer

Here is a solution for you:

The Ir LightDimmer is simple to use, you only need two keys of your remote controller, which are not often used (like teletext keys or similar) or which are not used at all and one push-button that you will put in place of the existing light switch. Ir LightDimmer can memorize two remote controller keys (see “memorizing the remote controller keys” section), so that the first one will be used to turn on lights or increase light intensity, and the other will be used to turn off lights or decrease light intensity.

How it works

We have two ways to control light: either with push-button or with remote controller. Using the push-button, when we apply a short press we can turn ON or OFF lights, but if we press and hold the button more than 300ms the light intensity is increasing to maximum or decreasing to minimum continuously until you press the button. If we press and hold the button so that lights go to maximum 3 times, then device enters “memorizing the remote controller keys” mode.

In a new software version, I will add a “double click” mode (like PC mousses), so when you double click the push-button, the lights go ON to 70%, and slowly decreasing light intensity to minimum in a period of 1 minute. This mode is good for your bedroom, so when you go to sleep just double click the button and go to bed. If you don’t like to wait lights to go OFF in 1 minute, you can break this mode by pressing button or by pressing remote controller keys.

Using remote controller key to control the dimmer you can turn on lights or increase light intensity. With a short press, lights turn ON to maximum and if you press and hold key then light intensity increases until you press that key.

Schematic Ir Light Dimmer

The same thing happens with second remote controller key which is used to turn lights off or decrease light intensity. When you short press that key, the lights will turn OFF and if you press and hold key then light intensity decrease until you press that key.

When turning lights ON or OFF they are not reacting immediately but they change state slowly so your bulbs will have longer life duration. Also with adjusting light intensity you save on electrical energy.


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For more detail: Ir Light Dimmer v.1 adjusting lights with remote controller using PIC12F629

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